decades of fun

Hardened Roots

I grew up in the cheese metal era, which was a few eras after the funk era. Funk is my dominant listening mode but as you know I indulge in all sorts of other sounds. I just love music and hate genre’s. A jam is a jam.

This is a jam, written and performed by a forgotten guitar hero by the name of John Sykes.




This guy can riff, shred, write, and even sing with the best of them. He jumped around in several successful bands (Thin Lizzy, Badlands, Whitesnake) and even led his own unit Blue Murder, but his name never rose into that guitar shredder god status with the likes of Steve Vai (who replaced him in Whitesnake), Eddie Van Halen and so on.

Enjoy this live recording of him and his band recorded in Japan around 2002.