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Promises Kept

In case you missed it… my president did the right thing yet again.

Barrack Hussein Obama is being completely underestimated and ignored again. This man could be the finest US president in ages but he seems to still be struggling to escape the ditch the country was driven into by his predecessor. If unemployment stays high he will have trouble getting a second term. I notice Republican presidents always seem to pin economic troubles on the former regime but Democrats just take the blame no matter their role.

In foreign policy, Obama and Clinton have been outstanding. By considering the muslim extremists a criminal organization again (as opposed to the infidels on the wrong end of a holy war) Obama and the rest of the world has made huge progress fighting this menace since 2009. The Libyan revolution was a delicate balancing act that appears headed towards an acceptable outcome. And don’t forget — the boogie man was capped in the chest by our finest special forces, just as any true american leader would have managed to accomplish eight years ago.