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Science On My Side


Another advancement in the understanding of how we detect sound: timing is more important, and more accurately detected, than frequency. #savetheaudio

This flies in the face of hi-res skeptics who believe our horrible ears could never hear beyond that CD-quality standard from 38 years ago.

It points to my favorite quote regarding this debate:

“The whole point of science is that most of it is uncertain. That’s why science is exciting–because we don’t know. Science is all about things we don’t understand. The public, of course, imagines science is just a set of facts. But it’s not. Science is a process of exploring, which is always partial. We explore, and we find out things that we understand. We find out things we thought we understood were wrong. That’s how it makes progress.” – Freeman Dyson, 90, Mathematical Physicist

and shows me that the established science will eventually catch up with what musicians and music lovers have known inherently for a long time. Some day they will be able to accurately measure what and how we hear, and perhaps even what music does to us.