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Touch the Music


Here’s a nice overview article on some of the tech that’s changing music making, particularly the iPad. As someone who’s produced several tracks with just a laptop, an interface, a mic, and a midi board, this is a big change. 8 years ago when I would show up with the above parts some people didn’t believe I could do quality remote tracking with so few items. The iPad with a few good apps and the right cords ends up replacing a few more pieces.

Besides remote recording, if I had a few more clients on my schedule I’d basically hand them an iPad when they showed up for the session. Not to self-produce but for all the other paperwork and prep that goes into a session behind the scenes:

Imagine a client showing up for a session and getting their iPad. First they fill out the forms – (credits, contracts) and it goes right into a database. Then they type up the official lyrics and key changes into the iPad (and into the db). Then there’s tuning, warmups, and session logging that can take place on the iPad. Of course they also have a web browser, email, iTunes, facebook, and other tools the artist might need while prepping.

When the session starts, the silent running iPad can be turned into a lyric teleprompter or sheet music, even tab. If the artist doesn’t need any of that, a producer can be jotting notes on takes or filming the session to post online.

All good, and an iPad would get plenty of use at my studio without even trying to record audio. But it’s nice to know there’s crazy people like the Damon Albarne to do a whole major label LP on that thing!