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Print that plastic!

arey+motion+photo++A+human+figure+in+a+black+suit+painted+with+white+stripes+jumps+through+the+airSo I broke down and had to do a promo version of the new 2merica single on CD. I was trying to stay digital only on the single, and then put the whole LP out with 5 tracks and full packaging goodness on all relevant formats, but the best laid plans of mice and men….

Seriously I just go with the flow on this stuff. And since “Never Met Tomorrow” is the hottest track I’ve ever produced (that’s been released yet, hasa!) I am down with printing a few hard copies for eternity’s landfill. The CD is still barely holding on as the standard format so I’ll play along. Plus DiscMakers is finally doing short-run for a reasonable price!

The point here is if you are looking for a hard copy for radio or other promotions, and you are too cheap to buy one from cdbaby, I can ship you one of these extra special rare promo only releases in about 2 weeks. Gonna put this track “Never Met Tomorrow” out there a bit, see if anyone bites. Have you heard it yet?

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