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Creator of the WWW Credits Steve

Internet old timers know the story, but with Steve Jobs’ passing I thought it important to bring it up again.

The guy who developed/invented the world wide web, HTML, and the http protocol back in 1990 claims he couldn’t have done it without his NeXTOS UNIX workstation. NeXTOS is the core of Apple’s MacOS X.

His name is Tim Berners-Lee and he’s a fascinating figure. With the dream of getting professors and grad students a quick, free method to share research he used his new Unix workstation with it’s developer-friendly OS to hash something out.

He mentions the machine came pre-configured and ready to work, something that is often dismissed as ‘mere marketing’ by Apple-haters these days. By removing frustration and configuration, even on a UNIX workstation, Steve Jobs enabled users to become world-changers.

If Jobs put the electric starter on the automobile 100 years ago Android and Windows carmakers would explain that getting out of the car to crank it is more customizable and allows you to configure your exit door, your cranking speed, and your re-entry door.

Apple locks you into one choice, starting the car quickly and easily. After all, you have places to go and worlds to change, right Tim?