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Impeach or Arrest?

A US President can fire the Director of the FBI for almost anything.

In fact, there’s really only one thing the President can’t fire the Director of the FBI for: investigating the president.

And this is exactly what Donny did.

At first he used a constructed narrative (also known as a lie) claiming several underlings had recommended that Director Comey be fired. They even drafted letters and Trump presented them as his cover.

They also had the balls to claim that the cause for dismissal was the Director’s handling of the Hillary email story during the election last year. If you’ve tried to forget – Comey threw shade on Hillary’s private email server and the media ran with it for weeks.

Or as Jimmy Kimmel put it – Trump fired Comey for helping elect him president!

After 2 days of peddling that mess of lies Donny actually told Lester Holt of NBC News that he actually fired the Director because of that “made up russian thing”.

Dumb Don also claimed he can control how long and accurate the investigation into his campaign will be. Can you believe this ass clown?

That’s obstruction of justice. There’s rumors of a sealed indictment already, but no confirmation of that report.

So how does the final act play out?

Impeachment? Resignation? Arrest? Insanity?