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How Long Do We Watch As Trump Breaks Every Law We Have

How long will this graft continue?

Trump took $270k from Saudi’s for lobbying.

This con man violates everything decent americans stand for. This con man belongs in prison.

Remember, Trump’s son in law just helped sell the Saudi’s a billion dollars in weapons.

His first foreign trip as president? Saudi.

C’mon America.

C’mon Trump supporters. What are you going to do now?

Reality TV clashing with real life.

IMAGINE if Obama owned HOTEL OBAMA while president. Imagine all foreign dignitaries stayed there. Imagine they got comped stuff from O himself. Imagine they could purchase a condo from him for 5 million. Imagine we had evidence the condo was only worth 1 million. JUST IMAGINE.

You can’t. Because the GOP is as crooked as Trump.