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Redstate Ridiculousness

The republican blog RedState made news the other day when they rescinded their invitation to Donald Trump to speak at their event meeting the Republican hopefuls.

RedState did this based on his exchange with Meghan Kelly about women, and more specifically his response on CNN after the debate where Trump said Kelly had it out for him and “had blood coming out of her eyes, or her wherever…”.

It was close enough to “she’s on her period” to get a lot of people upset, including the friendly GOPers at RedState.  See, their head guy has a daughter now, and he couldn’t believe Trump went there (or might have).

Of course a lot of the site’s readers didn’t agree and backed Trump. They had a few words for Kelly that would get you fired if used at work.

Today? Front page article about Jeb and Hillary starting with the gem

If Hillary Clinton possesses any unique selling propostion beyond proving even a homely woman can sleep her way into power, it is her tenure as Barack Obama’s secretary of state.

That’s a compliment about her extensive resume that claims she only achieved it by sleeping around. Also, since she was such a slut while also being so physically unattractive, this makes her – yes -a groundbreaking woman.

This is their compliment. Ugly slut, right on the front page.


This is the same site that banned Trump from their event and most of his followers from their site.


So much entertainment at this point in the campaign.

Wait till the Tea Party makes their big pitch for Trump, puts someone on TV to explain how The Donald and The Tea Party are made for each other. Their face might explode with irony.