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We Will See What The Digital Age Has In Store For Us


Records, record stores, record sales … it’s all gone.

It’s up to the young musicians to try an’ figure it out.

There’s no money in it. There’s no record companies.

It’s free! You can download it. Nobody gets paid, so they can’t afford to make music.

That’s what’s happening.

They are just cranking out music that is just like a recipe.

Nobody is playing at the same time.

Everybody’s adding on virtual instruments that don’t exist onto a drum machine that somebody programmed.

You can tell in the music that’s out now. It’s been programmed.

There’s no mojo.

There’s no testifying.

There is not the magic of a human performance, which is never perfect.

And the magic of the human performance is what we all know and love in the old records, by the way they were made.

And it’s all gone.

So we’ll see what the digital age has in store.

– Joe Walsh, 2012



[btw I know 2MERICA dabbles in that territory he describes, but song for song we made them differently, sometimes very organic, sometimes very digital. 2MERICA’s only process was that there was no process in the creation side.

Plus I’m repenting by going ALL ANALOG at my recording studio….. oh yeah!]