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Want To Go To There

Part of the Foley room built for sound effects and radio production. Notice the different types of stairs to create different sounds.


Outstanding tour of perhaps the biggest recording complex on the planet: Funkhaus Berlin.

Legendary. Take a 30 minute tour below.


The entire complex was specially-built for recording and radio production by the Russian government in the 1950’s. They spared no expense with particular focus on acoustic properties of the rooms.

It fell into decline under private ownership over the last 25 years. That’s a huge facility no longer paid for by communist government money.

Now Funkhaus has new owners that are investing and improving the gem, reclaiming it’s place as the most impressive collection of studios ever built.

If I can’t move to Berlin and work there I think we all need one of these closer to home.

With no communist government to score deals from, my american solution would be to find some corporate cast-off, or antique no longer loved by the general public and make your own Funkhaus for your city. Probably need some business or public entity to fund it’s restoration.

1 of the 2 large live rooms connected by a massive control room. The entire complex boasts over 9 impressive, flexible studio spaces and associated needs.