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Never Underestimate Sound

Sound waves as visual art.

Standing waves are around us when we listen to music. Good sounding rooms minimize them.

This video forgets to mention that the vibrations around us are detected first by our hair follicles and joints before entering our ear canals.

Vibrations are also tiny changes in air pressure so other senses might be detecting them as well.

Knowledge like this is needed to finally end the mp3 era.

Notice how their sound sources were pure with no lossy compression applied – a bow.

That visual representation would look different if the source audio was lossy. You could recreate that experiment with 24bit lossless digital audio of the bow sound, then 16bit, then lossy, and you’d see that artwork degrade right along with the resolution.

I don’t know, maybe they are bowing the plate itself. They weren’t clear. Perhaps you could modify this with a speaker instead of a bow to supply audio.