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Dr. Carson Goes Full Cain


This Dr. Ben Carson is a curious fellow. I smell con-artist of the highest order.

Many people give “doctors” a complete free pass. They elevate them, due to the assumptions about their method of making a living, into a saintly creature far superior to all of us non-doctors.

Carson doesn’t appear to be a “doctor”, but a legitimately successful Dr/Surgeon involved in some high-profile cases.

Are you a doctor? Then shut up and find one!



I resist elevating them to such heights, much as I reject the dramatic character of the evil doctor, himself (always a man) raised to the diabolical level of doing bad under the trusted guise of do-gooder.

After marrying into a family with more healthcare experience than my own I was introduced to the notion that there was a sizable portion of the titled medical brigade that are closer to slackers, scammers, and outright liars than I ever imagined.

Evidence presented itself over the years in the form of personal accounts, insider gossip, and news reports, and has adjusted my opinion greatly.

I don’t trust anyone because they are a doctor. I very well might trust them for a variety of other reasons, but if I smell BS then a title in front doesn’t make it smell any better. I’ve simply worked with, for, and even trained too many professionals to be blinded by title.

Back to Ben Carson. His personal worth went from $7 million to $25+ million since announcing his run for presidency.

Are there many ways to turn your 7 million into 25+ a year later completely legally?  I can think of none. Even Apple can’t make money that fast.



In this quest to sell crap and book speaking engagements (aka Republican elections), here’s a current list of Dr. Carson’s stories that still aren’t coming back verifiable:

  1. He said and wrote that he was offered a full scholarship to West Point. That wasn’t true, he now says he was told in conversation at a reception that he would have no trouble getting in if he applied. He didn’t. That’s different.
  2. He said and wrote that he nearly punched a kid with a padlock in his hand. That kid has not been identified and no further details provided.
  3. Another classmate supposedly got hit in the head by a brick yielded by thug-life Carson but is also unidentified.
  4. He said and wrote that he nearly hit his mother over the head with a hammer (!!). She can’t confirm it and he acts like this is normal confused kid stuff.
  5. He tells a story of sheltering a group of white students during a race riot at his high school the day after MLK Jr was killed. This has not been confirmed as ever occurring.
  6. He has spoke of his success at a psychology class at Yale which resulted in him getting his picture in the school paper. The photo could not be found, the article has left no reference as ever being published, and even the class cannot be determined as existing.
  7. He said and wrote that he tried to stab a friend in the stomach as a freshman in high school, during an argument over a radio station(!). The kids belt broke the blade, Carson ran off crying, found Jesus that night, and his redemption story is complete.

OK, most of this old stuff is completely unimportant for a retired surgeon. Tell your stories, sell your books, praise Jesus!

But when running for president of the USA, which would be the FIRST office he’s ever been elected to EVER, I think it’s fair to go back and ask details about his own published biography.

Dr. Carson would not be the first doctor with an inflated sense of himself. His christian creation story is based on redemption and to have that redemption he feels he must show how horrible he was. It’s smoke and mirrors. I sense that the redemption is less real than the disturbed individual underneath it.

He’s running a book tour. He has ZERO public experience and has said nothing about how he would govern. He simply wants to be Trump, the other empty suit in the lead, and neither of them want to be president.

It will come down to Rubio or Bush, maybe Christie, maybe Fiorina, but no way Trump or Carson ride this ridiculousness to it’s bitter end. The destroy america fatalists never defeat our common sense of survival.