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The First 82

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Oh my, it’s NBA time, and this is perhaps the most hyped season the Cavs have ever entered into. Doormats just 3 years ago, they are now consensus favorites to win the East, and about 40% of pundits are picking them to win their first title ever.



My team won’t be healthy until 2016, but check out this depth:

PG: Irving  –  Williams  –  Dellevadova
SG: Shumpert  –  Smith  –  Cunningham
SF: James  –  Jefferson  –  Jones
PF: Love  –  Thompson  –  Varejao
C:  Mozgov  –  Kaun

That’s a lot of talent and size crammed in there. But the starting backcourt of Irving and Shumpert won’t be back until January so it could be a slow start as Mo gets acclimated to his new team.


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Tonight on TNT it gets started, Cavs vs Bulls. What would winter be without basketball?