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Junkies, Put Down That Facebook and Look In The Mirror

You are selling yourself short. You are worth more than that.

Have some pride!

Here’s a mirror, take a look.

Looking at friend and family pictures is not bad.

Seeing them in person and catching up is a much healthier alternative.

Sharing your opinion about something online is not bad.

Being able to share it anonymously or with a personal or business account could be a much healthier alternative.

Allowing advertisers to know more about you and your habits is not bad.

Selling every movement and thought you have online to multiple bidders for no known benefit to yourself is not healthy.

The Facebook login system is the root of the evil. You can go to whatever site you want and login and do whatever you choose and I won’t bother you a bit.

But making me get an account with this company to do something else on the web — that’s going too far.

Facebook is killing the internet whether you enjoy it or not. By attempting ubiquitousness, Facebook is ruining all of it.

Hurry up and die is my feeling, and those of you using facebook should start seeking alternatives before they are all gone and all we have left is facebook.

-Fahqfase Bookman