decades of fun

Wintra Update

The 2merican subprime scandal is in full swing. We might be below the radar, too poor to care, but feelings have been hurt and hurt again and all we are left with is our art and our shit.

The grand plan of one 2merican release per year lasted three years. It is the end of 2007 and LP3 is not here. Indeed it is coming but it has not reached completion yet, and dammit we paid full price to get here so we demand completion.

This story is so good it is going to take longer to finish. We tried to simplify and ended up complicating. Our little fictional band now requires a fictional movie, a fictional remake, five more fictional people, a fictional problem, and a not-so-fictional resolution. Separating reality from fiction is for others, we just ride the wave of action and reaction.

Oh yeah, and there are those songs. If they are worth 1% of the pain they have seen and absorbed over the years this release will be dynamic.

Stay out of tune, enjoy our legacy anti-art, and know that this rolling stone has not gathered any moss it can’t shed in a sweaty ball of rock and roll.

Scherzo Elskorpion: the record that can’t be killed. Hitting your brain by way of eardrum in early 2008?