decades of fun

If There’s A Bear Living Upstairs

Here’s some silly serious fun from the classic First Light outfit.

First Light has always been one of my favorites. They combined roots reggae with funk, jazz, rock, soca, and more, and were a very successful live act from 1984-1998.

The musicians are all very talented – the classic guitar lines from Chopper, the rock-steady rhythms of Rod Reisman, the percussion of Bob Caruso, liquid bass from Gino Long, kayboard flourishes from Ed Marthey, and of course the soulful vocals of Carlos Jones – combine into a nice stew of goodness.

The songs are strong, the message is correct, and the music stands the test of time.

Here’s a live rendition from around 1990:

I’m just philosophizing

Should be no surprise

My advice ain’t cheap, it’s free

I’m just philosophizing

You don’t recognize it?

Shame on you and shame on me

I might have been at this show, seriously, it was like 1990 or something…. crazy.