decades of fun

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Life is hard…
such an understatement
slash obvious statement
A function of the calendar maybe
but it still hits you hard
Daily, weekly

Seemingly every single season
someone goes down with an injury
Seasons change, things rearrange
while the collective scar ages ahead of you
Everyone wanting
more more more

Wanting wars to end
Wanting wars to start
Wanting money
Wanting respect
Wanting trust
Wanting a hug
Wanting everyone
and no one
to know
how fugged up they are
Their skins and their scars…

Yet there are flowers.
so it’s all gonna work out fine.

.:::}{ on that note }{:::.

LP3 2MERICA is REAL DEAL holyfield
with a full ear
it will endear it
self to you
through tricks from flicks
old and new
all live tracks (who knew?)

Just a little scorpion storytelling for you all
coming soon, maybe by fall.

Scherzo Elskorpion :: The Lost 3rd 2M LP