decades of fun

Cure for Insomnia

Combine a French movie trilogy by a Polish director clocking in at over 8 hours,

mix with cell phone soduko,

and administer in a seriously darkened room with big soft pillows and high thread count.


Note: this recipe can induce a weeks worth of sleep at minimum.




With this renewed rest comes progress, no?
as jesus says while shoving crackheads out the side door:
“progress process progress process”
[with credits due to the big redhead]

Actually, [with credits due to the teenagers]
we’ve been doing the clean-up release stuff on SSB,
looking to get visual soon,
double-dipping into the tracks about to become elpeethree,
bitching as is our right and wont,
ACTUALLY writing new chit
DON’T KNOW where it will end up

Starting from scratch
and that’s always scary.


Every scam record label in russia loves 2merica
I guess that’s something.