The Great Analog Archives

Since the early 20th century millions of talented people have recorded music. Record labels stored these archives whether the artist sold well or not.

Some archives were lost to fire or flood, and many changed ownership over the years, but … Read the rest

Miles High

Back in action!

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Never Underestimate Sound

Sound waves as visual art.

Standing waves are around us when we listen to music. Good sounding rooms minimize them.

This video forgets to mention that the vibrations around us are detected first by our hair follicles and joints before … Read the rest

Are We Not Men?

We are D E V O

Filmed in northeast ohio, here’s early De-evolution doing that thing in 7/8


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America’s Only Original Art Form Besides Magic Eye

How to Jazz, Volume III:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.38.23 AM

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The Art of Recorded Music


A canvas. A monitor.

A block of clay.

Human imagination is more fertile and expansive than all of them.

Human imagination is where the soundstage of recorded music is rendered.


Creating sound for a recording takes planning. Even a simple … Read the rest

From Your Face

Save face? About face? In your face? A Chicago artist has decided to have some fun with digital surveillance – he’s printed and is selling a realistic mask of his own face for your public enjoyment.

The idea isn’t … Read the rest

Reverse Images Of Classic Album Covers

Ever wonder what an album cover might look like if seen from the back?

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Atomic Dog On The Move

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A City That Can’t Get Enough Art

A City That Can’t Get Enough Art

via Culture Blooms in Cleveland –

My ‘hood getting some love from the NYTimes? A slight chill just ran through hell…… Read the rest

Solo Music In The Round – Live Dosh

I saw this guy perform years ago and mis-remembered his name, making it impossible to find anything by him.

I have been known to write like this in the studio but never put together a live show to this extent. … Read the rest

More Apps About Buildings & Food

Check out David Byrne’s fake iPhone apps, very cool. I actually found this link as live Talking Heads was streaming. We have converged.

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Art & Commerce

If enough people stop paying for a product it will cease to be made on a sufficient enough scale to be a product. Sponsored content is paid for in-part by the sponsors, so if you watch your video and listen … Read the rest

Free Art (with Feathers)

Beautiful visual art done to one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. Happy sunday!

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The Train Keeps a Rollin…

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Accept your video addiction, considered by some as ghetto wikipedia, haha!

Watch out cats and kittens you just never know what you might find comin round the mountain.

Someone once told me that 2MERICA was like jazz for smart people.
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Vidya vidya vidya !!!

Another winter week, another video. This one features all original artwork from the President of the Bored of Directors for 2MERIC@RP himself, Jaimeson “7m”:

You make me stay inside and quiet, mother nature and neighbors, and you get no bike

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Fuel for the Fire


You have your fuel.

Then there’s your vices,

and your accomplishments.

You have your work,

and of course things that payoff in other ways.

Don’t ever forget the groundwork, that’s key

…most to all of it on the clock.

I … Read the rest