decades of fun


Kind of an awkward attempt at a catch phrase but fug it, I like it. Colbert said we’ve been in a cycle of “Is this the thing?”. Then it’s not the thing. Then there’s another thing.

So many things. So many scandals. Elect a con man who lies more than a 2nd grader and guess what happens?

But this time I’m not sure if Trump will escape.

He admitted to asking a foreign president to investigate his political rival.

He withheld military aid to persuade the foreign president to comply. Just like a mob boss.

Then his minions did everything they could to cover it up.

Then after weeks of denying all of it, he did his customary make it worse, aka double down, and asked China publicly to open an investigation into the Bidens. He admitted he pressured the Ukraine, then said he didn’t.

This is wrong. Unamerican. Possibly treasonous.

Who looks like this? What is wrong with this man?

Strange thing is, senate republicans might still protect Don the Con. I hope it ends all kinds of careers. Pols that protected Trump deserve nearly as much vitriol as the orange man himself in my opinion.

They hitched their wagon to this con man so their wagons should crash and burn, like most every other project Trump Inc. undertakes.

Even stranger, the House could impeach him and he could stay in office, in effect ignoring the impeachment and launching more retribution towards all of us.

UKRAINE! UKRAINE! small hands! small hands!

I even read, but haven’t confirmed, that he can run for re-election even after getting impeached by the House.

Will we ever be rid of Don the Con?

Here’s some reading to catch you up. This story is going to change, to say the least, so I think it’s important to note where we are on Day 1 of this:

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And from the right:

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