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Focus Shift

In the pro basketball world, Miami was the center of the NBA universe for the last 4 years. Cleveland was barely in the league.

Besides the usual few intriguing young picks (and a few potential bust picks) there was no story here, nothing to see, nothing to care about. No national TV. No commentary. Even the teams uniforms said “that white red and gold team that used to be on TV every week is gone”.

The 2011 Cavs – Lebron who? Uhm……

In the course of 2 months much has changed.

The 2014 Cavs might be starting 4 all-stars. They will have the roster to start 5 all-stars. Their bench features champions and all-stars.  What the hell is going on? Look at these credentials they have added:

Lebron: 2x Champion, 4x MVP, Rookie of the Year, 10x All-star, 6x NBA All-Defensive, 3x medalist

Ray Allen: 2x Champion, 10x All-star, All time leader 3pt made, 3x medalist

Kevin Love: 3x All-star, Most Improved Player, 1x Rebounding leader, 2x medalist

Mike Miller: 2x Champion, Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, 3x medalist

Shawn Marion: 1x Champion, 4x All-star, 2x medalist

James Jones: 2x Champion

[This, with Kyrie, makes the total haul: 11 Rings, 22 All-Star appearances, 4 MVPs, 3 ROY’s, 6x All Defense, 14 medals, Best rebounder last year, best distance shooter EVER. And Andy. Damn.]


These studs are joining the young core of:

Kyrie Irving, perhaps the best 22 year old PG in the game (ROY and 1x All-star)

Dion Waiters, a sleeper Dwyane Wade-type 2 guard also under 25

Tristan Thompson, an active garbage-man type PF under 25

Matt Delevadova, a scrappy defensive PG under 25


And then the final piece is the wild thing, the only guy left from Lebron’s original Cavs. You couldn’t pick a better guy from 2007-2010 to take part in this run than Andy. Although I would like to see Booby!