decades of fun

The End of That

“At the end of the day, all the people that was rooting on me to fail? At the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today” James said. “They have the same personal problems they had today.”

“They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.”


Sorry Lebron I think we are done forever now. I went online & on-record and defended him over the years. My eyes saw what most of you saw – this kid could be the best baller ever. He had game falling out of his pockets by the time he was 16. By 19 he was unstoppable. Most of the rumors around town about LBJ’s attitude seemed just that, rumors and jealousy. His game started to peak. Every season wasn’t enough and whatever new skill he developed over the off-season wasn’t enough to get any chips.

Then the rumors started up again, but this time they were far more serious than being a bad tipper — “he doesn’t have it, man, he’s just along for the ride” said the whispers.

A love lost

When he stiffed the Cavs and his most loyal fans in summer 2010 I refrained from posting anything based on pure emotion — after all, most people in cleveland would strongly consider taking a job offer in Miami. That’s cool I get it. But do you shit on your people on the way out? Do you tell everyone in your new place they have never had it as good as now? Thank God Miami, your savior from Akron has arrived. Yeah right! He was our savior and our savior only, and he pissed away that role years ago.

I guess that’s all I have to say on it. After the game last night when Lebron gave us “I’m rich bitch!” I actually felt bad for him for the first time since he was 19.

He doesn’t get it and that’s that. Money does not equal happiness nor can it buy a championship. The Cavs start rebuilding this year and life goes on.