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The True Story of the Iraq War

RC: 1100: Phone call to Prime Minister Spidla of the Czech Republic to inform and to thanks for support of Iraq policy. OVP
US Vice President Dick Cheney makes a phone call to Prime Minister Spidla of the Czech Republic to inform and to thank for support of Iraq policy, 3/19/2003.

Here’s a behind the scenes account of how, why, and who the US ended up in a huge war with Iraq 10 years ago.

Guess what – no surprises here. This guy is telling the truth almost exactly as I remember it, and myself and similar minded people were telling everyone that would listen how this was going down. Anyone who tried to shout down or otherwise invalidate my opinion, read it and weep. Over a hundred thousand dead. Weep, indeed.

There’s lots of good lines in here that justify and summarize the exact points I was concluding in my anti-war stance. It doesn’t make me feel good to be so right about something so wrong. But it does empower me to continue to monitor and think through the geo-politics of our planet, and call the scams where I see them.

Here’s one of the many critical points Mr. Frum makes, regarding the non-decision for war:

“Yet that discussion never really happened, not the way that most people would have imagined anyway. For a long time, war with Iraq was discussed inside the Bush administration as something that would be decided at some point in the future; then, somewhere along the way, war with Iraq was discussed as something that had already been decided long ago in the past.”

Lesson here? Don’t ignore your gut, especially when you do your research and follow the topic. Many of us ‘anti-war musician types’ had completely figured out this scam before the general population, who were supporting it enough to continue the policy for 7+ years. As the players behind this scam start to jump ship and admit their deeds, let’s not forget this lesson.