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Politics 101

Pulled from the headlines and translated by me:

ObamaPresident Obama: I want a new agency to protect US consumers against predatory lending and other financial exploitations. I ran on this idea, won, and will get to work setting up the agency and naming a director, as specified by the passed Wall Street reform legislation.



200-3Republican Congress: We don’t like the idea of this agency and more regulation. Most of the companies and industries it might regulate are supporters of ours.

We are going to fight this agency and give no support to this, even though the law passed last year.

ObamaPresident Obama: Fine let’s negotiate the details, but I’m not canceling it.

I’ll name a former state Attorney General to lead it. He will be the most powerful consumer advocate/watchdog in the country.

The number of citizens this will help will be huge.

200-3Republican Congress: No. No. No. We are against this because the citizens should be able to protect themselves against predators.

We are against this because it’s Obama’s idea.

This guy will have power over all industries? We believe that only people inside of industries are qualified to regulate themselves.

Plus most of the ‘predators’ have bought and paid for the Republican Congress.

ObamaPresident Obama: If you won’t help with this I’ll name him with a recess appointment.

This position is too important to leave vacant.


200-3Republican Congress: Good try. But if we refuse to go into recess, you can’t do a recess appointment.

We will just write the schedule to say that we are in session every 2 days for the rest of the year. Haha!

ObamaPresident Obama: Hiding your recesses for over a year? Lame trick.

Guess what I appointed him anyway. No thanks to you.

I don’t like taking no for an answer.



We know that refusing to advise and consent the president and his appointments is the actual violation of constitutional duties. Good thing the citizens don’t know that.

We can obstruct the president using rule loopholes for over a year!

And here’s a final score for some ever important context —

Reagan made 240 recess appointments.
Daddy Bush made 77 recess appointments.
Clinton made 139 recess appointments.
Dubya made 171 recess appointments.
Obama has made 28 recess appointments so far.

Welcome to politics 101. Read the headlines on what they are calling Obama today about this recess appointment. Total radical this Obama. That’s the narrative.

BTW — a Fox news contributor yesterday claimed that President Obama looked like “a ghetto crackhead”.

Wow, hello.