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Robots Exist Among Us

Oh computers, how you both empower and enslave us at the same time!

This site has recently been overrun by fake users, most with google mail or a russian email address. These spambot accounts don’t seem to do anything yet, they just lurk amongst us, I’m sure waiting for an exploit to pounce on to generate bajillions of malicious attacks.


This post is just a quick note to the real humans subscribed to this blog. Be aware and be smart.

Robots don’t have any human rights!

Let me know if you see or even smell any trace of hacking going on from my sites, I will go bot hunting and wipe out all those fake accounts.

Bot hunting

Btw — if you are a subscriber from .ru or .gmail, feel free to post something real on this thread and your account will likely survive the upcoming great bot wars of 2011.