's Interview with Marvin "Merv" Pierce

In the summer of 1999 got 15 year OP horn player Marvin "Merv" Pierce on the phone for an exclusive interview. Merv talks about the history of the band, the state of modern music, and what he is up to now. (1999)

Maria Granditsky's Ohio Players interview

OP talks about the history of the band and funk music in general, as well as the bands dillemna dealing with the post-funk era. Very interesting - it isn't often you hear artists speak this frankly. (1988)

Liner notes from CD-Reissue "Summertime"

Very extensive account of the Player's early years (pre-71) by Clive Anderson. Appeared in the CD "Summertime" reissued by Charly Records containing OP's first two albums. (1994)

Liner notes from Mercury anthology "Funk On Fire"

Interesting chronicle of the Mercury years from the liner notes of Mercury's new double CD anthology. Contains interview snippets with drummer James "Diamond" Williams. (1994)

Excerpt from "Everything Is On The One: The First Encyclopedia Of Funk"

If the rest of this Encyclopedia is as well-written as this section on OP, it promises to be invaluable. (1995)

Ohio Players Timeline and Hit List

Layout of the golden years (71-79) and list of hits and chart positions.

Very Unnofficial History of the Ohio Players

In a nice simplified form for those of you who like the cliffs notes



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