Draft Dodging Bastards

The most republican thing about Donny Drumpf is his draft avoidance.  Seems the guys that talk the toughest are the biggest weasels, as usual.

Dick Cheney: “I can’t go to army, daddy! I’ll go to college, get married, and start …

Pro Torture, Pro Deferment Republicans

Donny says he’s pro-torture:

“I said they’re chopping off our heads in the Middle East. They want to kill us. They want to kill us. They want to kill our country. They want to knock out our cities. And don’t

The Art Of Foolery

Cool article about various ways the US military attempted to confuse the enemy during WWII using rubber tanks and other fun.




Reminds me of driving the roads in Poland and coming across a metal sign shaped and painted …

Gonna Make It Funky For You



Heartbeat, a great jam from WAR in 1975:

I got most of the WAR collection on my Pono and wow, oh yeah, one of my favorite bands of all time.


Summer Mess Roundup

Jon Stewart sums up the mess-o-potamia summer news quite nicely:

The True Story of the Iraq War

RC: 1100: Phone call to Prime Minister Spidla of the Czech Republic to inform and to thanks for support of Iraq policy. OVP

US Vice President Dick Cheney makes a phone call to Prime Minister Spidla of the Czech Republic to inform and to thank for support of Iraq policy, 3/19/2003.

Here’s a behind the scenes account of how, why, and who the …

I’ve Been Down On Bended Knee – War Launches



Way back in the day, my folks used to rock this album and it was plenty worn out by the time I inherited it.

Life marches on. The funk will survive just like it always does. My granny turns …

Don’t You Know?

The world is a ghetto. Everyone is just trying to survive. Great song, great cover.

I Got Spirit

Nice live War track with Eric Burdon, circa 1971.

Need I remind everyone that this was the last band Jimi Hendrix jammed with before his demise? Damn you pills taking Jimi away from us.…

Promises Kept

In case you missed it… my president did the right thing yet again.

Barrack Hussein Obama is being completely underestimated and ignored again. This man could be the finest US president in ages but he seems to still be struggling …

Simplify If You Want, But Remain Accurate aka Obama Takes Out Osama

Of course we are all talking about, and adjusting to, the big news of the day.

66 years to the day the last boogie man got his, Obama ordered the strike that most americans have been waiting for.


Obama, Biden,

A Nightmare From The Recent Past


New 2MERICA video to scare and confound you. This track was one of our first and it’s cool to see a video finally released for it:

Enjoy, but remember what that Green Screen is doing to you.…

Spring has sprung!


So its been a long while i know
But much has been happening around me
Since i last opened my space
And your face to my reality

A new studio has sprung
Bigger harder stronger than the last one
The …

Whenever You Feel Blue, Take A Breath Again

Midterms have come and gone
Thank god someone else is paying attention out there
Where the hell were you in 2004?
Now let the games begin…

The liberals will be blamed for losing a war
The war that they were …