Dawg Gone Analog

It’s happening. I’ve considered and planned and anticipated this for 15+ years. But always compromised.

I’m going analog at the studio. Direct to tape. Outboard gear. No DAW. No computers needed at all.

The real deal. Why wait any longer?… Read the rest

The Grande Finale


A great closing track to a great record — School’s Out by The Alice Cooper Band, 1971.

These guys were one of the finest garage rock bands ever: Dennis Dunaway, Neil Smith, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce and of course … Read the rest

Mark Price Appreciation Post

Steph Curry knows. Kenny Smith knows. Brad Daugherty knows. Steve Kerr knows.

1989-1994: the height of the Jordan years in the NBA – when the best shooter and one of the best overall point guards in the league went without … Read the rest

Follow The Dots

Merlin was one of my favorites way back, and I know I’m not alone, this game was very popular for a couple of years. This guy gives us the backstory on the game, it’s brother Simon, and how Merlin is … Read the rest

Browse Google Like It’s 1988

Check out the Google BBS Terminal aka “what google would have looked like in the 80’s”.

Learn more on my gopher.iwish.edu

Dial into my BBS tonight.… Read the rest

Desoto and Bautista

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.23.58 PMAll time best baseball game ever, something I spent a few too many hours on…
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Unreleased Funk Gem

It’s 1973. Record is done and it’s funky. What? No money to release it? Too bad fellas. Check it out, sounds pretty good to me.… Read the rest

My First Laptop

I’ve been more or less living on a laptop since about 2002. I had a desktop machine as my only rig from ’87-’96 (Atari, Apple, Tandy, Gateway, Dell, IBM, white boxes, you name it…) and around 1996 I was finally … Read the rest

Atari Equals Childhood Happys

This is excellent. Atari has had about 200 owners since their glory years, but whoever managed to keep the vintage code safe and sound is a hero. This is a new release of over 100 classic Atari titles on iOS, … Read the rest