Expensive Suits


Here’s the younger model of TRUMP! speaking the new coded nonsense word salad.

About 2 minutes in he starts flailing as the local reporter asks about the scam Trump Foundation, the scam Trump University, and the countless other scams probably hiding in plain site in his dad’s tax returns. Junior has probably never been questioned like this in his life. I bet people shudder thinking about a pissed off junior controlling their future.

He seems familiar. I’ve heard this level of rich guy idiocy before.

And who can forget his modern viewpoints on race:





Why Trains Suck In America


Pretty good video covering why the rail situation in America is not like it is in Europe:

What they don’t include is how GM, one of america’s most politically influential companies in the middle 20th century, shifted from train manufacturing to the more profitable car manufacturing, and along with that shift had rails ripped out and neglected all over the country due to their overt influence on city and state legislatures.

Hi Speed Rail

Youkill Audio Youtube


Lossless data on the left. The right side is a visual representation of what we’ve been listening to for 20 years now.

Deets on Youtube’s audio handling:

Audio is streamed at either 128k or 320k mp3.

Everything defaults to 128k. You can only get the 320k audio stream by selecting the HD video quality. Some videos start in HD but most don’t. It’s also hard to embed HD youtube into other sites since it seems to default to the basic stream.

It appears there’s no FLAC streaming allowed and no lossy streaming of any kind.

The 320k mp3’s can sound decent, especially coming from 128k, but once you go lossless you won’t want to listen to lossy anymore.


Which is better? Neither. The compression on the left appears to have slightly fewer artifacts but neither is close to the original.

The Kids React To Donny Drumpf

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.26.56 AM

Thank god these kids see through the act. I ran across a group of kids spouting Trump sayings last week and I wanted to take them to their parents and be like ‘what the fuck!?!’

It’s amazing – the GOP candidate actually holds positions that can get kids in trouble in school. Not very presidential, that’s for sure.


All kids should have to watch the movie Idiocracy in middle school government class.

So Brown

Good news when a good band gets back together – Gene and Dean Ween reconvene!

Guess they’ve been off the scene for a few but have booked some shows for next month, and Ween live is always worth it.

Maybe they’ll make a new record soon?


Youtube’s Audio Specs

Finally got my answer about Youtube’s audio specification — there isn’t one, really.

The only have a video policy.  Audio stream quality is a part of the video spec.

So here’s the details:

  1. Audio streams as 128k or 320k MP3 only
  2. 320k is only played during videos streaming in HD of 720p or higher
  3. The video must start in HD to get the 320k audio, and most players will not reload the higher audio stream if the user switches video quality during playback.

The end result is that most of youtube is streaming 128k mp3 audio, aka garbage.

The high quality portion of youtube can get 320k MP3 to you but it’s not automatic. They have to force the player into high-quality, which is against the youtube platform defaults.


The FLAC folks on Youtube? They force the 320k MP3 and perhaps they are encoding the video with a high resolution flac as the audio source? Or they are just misrepresenting themselves?

The two I contacted about their sources never answered me, so I don’t know. From what I’ve read youtube cannot stream FLAC or even lossless audio.


And yes, 320k MP3 sounds pretty good, it’s almost CD quality. But there’s still digital loss, artifacts, and a fatigue from listening.

CD’s usually push about 800k bitrate at you, so the perceptual coding at 320k sounds pretty close to the original.

But once you up that lossless original to between 2000-6000k (24bit audio) you really hear it pop and become realistic as compared to 320k.


Relatively accurate representation of some of what is LOST: things masked by louder sounds, aka the feel of the space as the note plays.

Here’s to hoping youtube allows lossless streaming soon, or at least defaults to 320k mp3.


The Funk Professor – Bootsy Get Live

Believe it or not Bootsy is touring the states and you gotta see the man to be the man. Check your local listings and don’t miss this show if it comes within 400 miles of you.

I caught it last year and it was perhaps the finest night of live music and energy I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been to a million shows. Getting to see The Rubber Band and the Master of the One cannot be replicated.

Youtube can whet your appetite. Here’s amateur footage from the beautiful hamlet of Asheville, North Carolina. It takes a little while to get settled but once they lock in on the show it’s amazing.

PS – Love the new album – The Funk Capital of the World – I got it on double-disc vinyl and it’s just outstanding. The music goes everywhere, the packaging, the vibe, the love, the cameos, just an amazing man. Bootsy ain’t slowing down at all, he’s a hero to us all.


Here’s part 1:

and here’s Part Deux:




Full Power Launch on E Street

Two of the most powerful forces working in music right now are Bruce Springsteen and Ahmir Thompson aka Questlove.

Bruce and his E-Street band have been moving mountains since the 70’s.

Quest started in the 90’s but made up time proving that real musicians listen to, and create, hip-hop. He and his crew The Roots have put in the time and effort of playing nearly everything everywhere (unlike most bands of their generation and genre). It has paid off.

What happens when these two forces meet? An explosion of course.

Turn it up and enjoy TV music magic.

Theories Into Reality

About 500 years ago some people started to sort some things about our universe out. Many were ridiculed if not persecuted so they hid this knowledge from the authorities.

This is what they knew to be true:

That is actual pictures of the moon, dark side showing, circling our beautiful planet! Outstanding view from one of NASA’s deep space cameras.

Well done Copernicus, you knew there would eventually be proof enough even for the simplest person to understand.

Still The Funkiest Players Around

There’s only space on the mountaintop for a few of our all time music legends, and it’s a funkin shame the Ohio Players remain underrated and unheralded by the mainstream media.

ohio-players-5058df9106f66They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I mean, honestly, they are right next to the P-Funk empire as far as 1970’s influence, and their catalog is strong too (but not nearly as prolific as GC’s gang of 50+ artists).

Fire, Skin Tight, Honey, FOPP, Angel, Jive Turkey, Funky Worm, Contradiction, My Life, Heaven Must Be Like This, O-H-I-O, Little Lady Maria, Varee Is Love, Pleasure, Far East Mississippi, Climax, Runnin From the Devil, Smoke, Good Luck Charm, Alone…. should I go on? There’s 20 legendary monster jams right there.

Did the Rock Hall gave it up to P-Funk, then walk away from all other funk music from the 70’s?

Funk was a monster genre influencing the entire culture, and P-Funk was an (amazing) anomaly. Artists like OP, WAR, Kool & The Gang, EWF, Mandrill, Zapp, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Slave, Maze, The Time, Cameo – these were more than dance bands, these were touring rock outfits pushing the limits of showmanship onstage, craftsmanship in the studio, and composing legendary songs with primarily black members. The Rock Hall should be colorblind.

So anyway, OP’s live act has lost several of the original members to old age – RIP Sugarfoot, PeeWee, & Satch – or retirement, but they always field a funky lineup. It must be noted that they now feature legendary drummer James “Diamond” Williams, and he’s been locked with the same bassist Darwin Dortch for 30+ years, so you know they can throw down!

Check the original Dayton Funk, standing strong 44 years after it first dropped:

Hot Damn

Who’s the queen diva? Who’s the top dog on stage amongst all female performers working in the last 30 years? This might be her. So reserved, so private, she’s teased us for decades with music and vibe that hits right in the heart.

The scandal in Sade’s world stays in the lyrics and the sexy funk of her steady band and her emotional explorations are sparse, with only 6 LP’s released in 30 years.

Her birth name is Helen Folasade Adu but the world knows her by her nickname Sade, and she has brought the real deal to the stage and records since 1983. Here is the new version of her band opening a night properly in 2011.


The Power Of A Musical Mind

Yes computer’s seem amazing, but then there’s human’s and the rest of the animal kingdom. Wow.

Human’s ability to process music and lyrics, whether it be creation, memory, or playback is astounding and mysterious.

Certain rare people are called prodigy, their prodigious nature displayed through mastery of instruments and recall. Check out this young man Kuha’o who is blind and developmentally disabled but can play a mean piano, even from memory.

He can instantly learn and recall music on a level that astounds other musicians. Enjoy his youtube videos and he also has an LP available.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.05.48 AM

Stewart’s Daily Show Coming To An End

For 17 years Jon Stewart has given much of late night America their politics and culture in a groundbreaking comedy format. The Daily Show was uniquely funny and timely like very few other formats, and the gamut of guests kept things interesting. But the real stars of the show are the comedians doing pre-packaged and in-studio bits.

Jon was the perfect straight man to all their bumbling, and he announced on his show that he won’t be renewing his contract and that he wants to have dinner on a school night with his family because he has heard through multiple sources that they are quite pleasant.

Here’s a funny look back at all the big names in comedy that got their fame starting with The Daily Show, along with some of the clips that made the show legendary.



Monk’s Swagger

If you can dig both Ozzy and Thelonious you are my type of person! Check out this awesome show by Monk and his European tour quartet in 1966, supposedly in Warsaw. Poland loves jazz but who knows how they got these guys behind the Iron Curtain – I haven’t read that far yet in the Monk bio I’m engrossed in 😉

Actually, this might be mislabeled, people are saying this show is from Oslo, Norway, which was not communist at the time, and would explain the american jazz band. Whichever, great show.

That’s How You Do It

Ozzy and his classic “Blizzard of Oz” band did a little set for music TV show in Rochester NY in 1981. This is how it’s done – 4 dudes rocking it. The band was one of the best hard rock bands ever assembled – the late, great Randy Rhodes on guitar, the great Rudy Sarzo on bass, the great Tommy Alderidge on drums, and Ozzy in good voice doing his thing.

Turn it up and enjoy:

So Many Millions

Another fine Fishbone song, recorded live in Cali on the Chim Chim tour (1996):

Bad recording but cool version of So Many Millions (starts at 19:48)

I almost broke my wrists trying to play the original version of this on drums, damn Fish, one of the sickest drummers ever!


A Million Stories in Cleveland

The challenge was this – take your camera around town for a month, shoot whatever you get yourself into, add some drone shots, pro editing, and some local music and put it on Youtube. These guys are good – and they picked a hell of a town for their subject.

Here I present to you one of the more accurate views of Cleveland, Ohio, USA you will ever see. This is us, this is what we do with our summers. I was at a couple of the events this camera attended, this is our summer of 2014. This is the town that is the butt of so many internet jokes:

Amazing what some good production work can do, huh? We’ve seen so much video like this where the subject was NY, Vegas, LA, London, Tokyo, Austin… but rust belt cities are usually shot so poorly. There’s so much to see and do here when you stop caring about what everyone thinks.

And yes we have to move these parties indoors for half the year, because it’s a grey frozen tundra out there – although the global warming is providing us with milder winters!

Cleveland summer

Bands, Beach, Beer + Gourmet Food Trucks = Cleveland summertime


Summer ain’t over yet! This weekend we will be at the Cleveland Garlic Fest – yes – it’s a local farmers market turned street fair with Top Chef contests, bands all weekend, kids area, and Musicians Garden giving music for all.