Required Viewing – The O’Jays Crush It

Daryl Hall has reworked his show Live from Daryl’s House and it’s still one of the best music shows going. Originally set in a barn on his rural property, it was a jam session sleepover recorded for our entertainment. He brought all sorts of artists out to the barn – indie and legends – and they would jam on a few songs, hang out, and generally just celebrate the awesomeness of great live music.


It’s now in a club-like setting up the road, featuring more space and better sound and still without a crowd. The end result feels a bit more like a throwback recording session than a jam session.

Which is awesome, of course.

The sound is perfect and there’s a little more space to stretch out and get more camera angles. It feels as though the musicians present the songs better than in the barn, perhaps because it’s more obviously a TV show and recording session. The barn was charming but had a private rehearsal feel.

I’ve watched several of the 2016 episodes now and the highlight has to be The O’Jays. They are funny, have a monstrous catalog, and of course Daryl is such a disciple of the O’Jays sound that it all fits perfectly.

The First Presidential Non-Debate

Astonishing. They agree to a forum with veterans and the armed forces, but they won’t be on the stage at the same time. The rules are that you should not talk about your opponent, only your plans.  They flip a coin, Don wins, he chooses to go 2nd.

Unknown if he says “ladies first”.

Hillary comes out and is immediately hammered with 5-6 questions about her email server when she was secretary of state!  An IT question, with continued followups?  So she goes out and she bats them down — I was told to consider my own managed server for non-classified stuff (by Colon Powell himself), it was several years ago, I took the advice of my tech and security people, nothing was classified, the state department gets hacked too, in retrospect it seems like a mistake, yada yada yada.

Email sucks

How about everyone in here give ME details about their email servers from 2009? Anyone? Bueller?

She never really recovers because she’s on the defensive, and touting her considerable foreign affairs experience comes off as bragging. Physically everything seems fine. She still has a shrill voice and bug eyes that wander around like she smells a fart but overall she seems healthy for her age, still sharp as a tack.

She slogs through gaining the respect of the crowd and then makes way for the spectacle that is The Don Trump.


What a draft dodger looks like entering a room full of veterans.

But wait, what’s this? No We Are The Champions?* It’s humbleTRUMP.

He slogs in with his shoulders down, walking crooked, making his pouty face.

I know his act. It’s because the room is full of real american heroes he is too afraid to act out. People of all races, religions, creeds, colors, and beliefs, and all of them more capable to be president than him. Sometimes his embarrassment shows on his face.

Cheetos Jesus

I was against the Iraq war. But the military then was strong. Now it’s nothing but losers. Thank’s Obama. Plus we should have taken Iraq’s oil. Whatever happened to “To the victors go the spoils?” Well there were no victors there, just saying, but we should have taken the oil……. or something like that. I’m fabulous. It’s fabulous oil.

He starts with a glare when he’s informed of the rule to not attack his opponent. Then a dumb joke turning to a minimum into two a minimum?, random facts mixed with lots of fantasy, and a surprising lack of bragging for The Don.

He’s replaced that bragging with attacks on his opponent, of course, because he was told not to. When chastised for it he simply says Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead of Hillary alone. He cares nothing for rules, facts, or logic. His arguments are based on emotion and ignorance only.

He knows about as much about the world as your drunk uncle, but he’s rich so he’s actually dangerous and allowed to function with such theories. For the love of money he gets away with ridiculous notions.

  • Hit song by the band Queen, played by Trump without permission at the republican national convention during the introduction to wife Melania’s speech, which used exact lines from Michelle Obama’s speech 8 years earlier. Queen was led by a Farrokh Bulsara, a gay man of Persian (Iranian) descent who’s family relocated to England as political refugees, and you know better as Freddie Mercury.


TrumpTV, not President Trump


Don’s mad he makes ratings with no slice of revenue.


Don John will drop out, call the election rigged, and launch his own TV network.

I’ve been posting this for months on various comment boards, and with my prediction record for Trump at about 15-1 I’m feeling good about this one.



All retard all day


What will be on TrumpTV?  I’m sure there will be plenty of commercials for Trump products — cufflinks, steaks, board games, wine, ties, modeling schools, get rich seminars, penis enlargement, women’s shoes, etc..

There will also be many commercials for Trump University (since renamed) and plenty of shots of his properties. Wrestlers leg syndrome. Apple Pie in Golden Pans!

Placebo syndrome.

I expect some sort of news element, outdoing Fox News with more sexism, more sex, and more utterly retarded points of view.

Naked News?


Doing a followup!


What a collection of idiots. The yellow dress is his campaign’s african-american. He’s big with the mexicans too. Geraldo serves him Taco Bowls once a year.


Rumors are circulating that he could buy Oprah’s struggling network, or some other existing media company and just do what he always does – rebrand.

See, Don hasn’t built anything from scratch since the 80’s unless it’s a pyramid scheme or infomercial.

The new TRUMPTV™ might even have it’s own version of The Apprentice, regardless if NBC sues. Don doesn’t mind being sued, or suing. This man has 3500 active lawsuits!



Bring it NBC! I invented the apprentice, I can prove it with 35 lawyers and endless free nights at my resorts.



The scary man with the short fingers does not want to be president. No 70 year old billionaire should want to be president.

Prez is alot of hard work and compromise and representing all of america, not just the parts you agree with.


Everything here is fabulous. I put my name on it now it’s fabulous. Pay no attention to my child-like hands.



Update – here’s Penn Jillette talking about Donald and his reality show:

Everybody’s Got A Thang

The firstest and bestest version of the P-Funk Thang as it was forming in 1969.


Bernie isn’t there yet, neither is Tiki, Bootsy or Garry. But the Parliaments are out front and a very early version of Funkadelic is just blaring away behind them melding together 3-4 songs and 3-4 pieces of then unreleased songs.

The Parliaments have their dance moves down and their parts all together, no lie!

Eddie Hazel, Tawl Ross, and Billy Bass are forming a pretty nasty string section. The drummer and keyboard player here were soon replaced. George is from another world.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.45.33 AM

Team Eye vs. Team Ear Part 1 – TV Sets Through History


Recording allows us to store and replay something. It is the first time-shifting. It’s been around for ~ 200 years but it wasn’t until the last 100 that they really started making tangible progress for commercial applications.

Images were first. Then sound. Then moving images. By 1930 they were all combined into “talkies” – narrative moving pictures with synced sound.

These independent technologies progressed through the 20th century: Phonograph was invented and perfected to bring recorded music into the home; TV was invented to bring moving pictures into the home. The march of progress was obvious. Each new era brought better tech with better specs.

Today we are going to look at the advancement of the TV set over 70 years.


[infogram id=”aHKoRm07UAUDaUs5″ prefix=”Yry” format=”interactive” title=”TV Set Historical Averages”]

You can see that overall screen size has risen linearly while pixel size has grown exponentially. Weight has come down and price, after adjusted for inflation, has come way down.

How do you think TV set history will compare with music playing equipment? Stay tuned to this series to find out.



Living For The Live

There’s a lot going on in this clip. It’s pretty good.

Ray Charles + Stevie Wonder, doing one of Stevie’s funk songs, with neither of their bands, for an awards show. It looks like the late 80’s with plastic keyboards and big hair but the talent is so great it works out just fine.

Also since Ray’s R&B big band really doesn’t do the early 70’s funk groove that this song was originally cut in, for this era they turned into a disco-tempo gospel style romp. It’s reframes the song nicely.

Imagine if these two ever did a full record together….

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.56.42 AM

Fox News Paid For By Fracking

FoxNews is a trip these days. The republican party is split and they are stuck in the middle of it. Ratings are up and every single commercial break is the energy industry – shale fracking in particular – taking over from the boner medicines that used to propel fox’s revenue.

The hosts are openly picking sides for or against Drumpf and throwing all previous versions of their principles out the window. They still live in the false reality where Obama is an unpopular president, a muslim, and George W Bush caught Osama Bin Laden. Also everyone hates Hillary, and her husband is a disgraced, failed president.

Frack away, live off fast food, and get ready for your boner medicine – Fox News reality.

Also – I like the pack of legs spread across the screen on The Five.  5 women in the same dress in different colors, each trying to thrust their chest and legs out farther than the other, each spouting disgusting or illogical republican talking points.



The Andrea chick is the worst. No surprise she’s banging the most obnoxious rock star around, Dave Navarro.  Nearly every word out of that woman’s mouth drives me up a wall.


Re-Watch Cosby?

Fascinating article and comments by someone who recently re-watched the iconic 80’s sitcom and came away very conflicted.

I have yet to see a Cosby show post-allegations. I may try the experiment and see if I can still enjoy it. There are other reasons to watch, ya know.




I know I can still enjoy Ike Turner’s work, but images of a beaten Tina do pop up eventually and bother the happiness of the moment. I guess I don’t linger on Ike’s work, I’m usually there listening to Tina so it’s not exactly the same. I can’t think of other artists that have had their personal life get in the way.

OK maybe 1 – I don’t and wouldn’t listen to Charlie Manson’s music, and I thought it was distasteful that Guns ‘N Roses covered one of his songs.

Artists are complicated people and when you find out they are in some way criminal it doesn’t immediately invalidate their work. But it can, in the end, spoil their magic because you can’t un-know something .


Bad Advertising

There’s a lot of bad advertising, especially in the consumer tech world. Here’s some tell tale signs of bad marketing:

  1. Insinuating that users of other products are idiots, especially if it’s a wildly popular product
  2. Naming your competition, especially with model numbers
  3. Doctoring or otherwise faking it to make competition look worse and your product look better
  4. Flashing fine print that negates important visuals
  5. Implying magical powers are bestowed upon all users of your product

Samsung and Microsoft are two companies often guilty of most of those.

A normal Samsung phone commercial will combine all of them – a bunch of idiots with iPhones waiting in line, a quick chart showing iPhone specs, screen images simulated in fine print while bragging about their screen, and a user turning into a superhero because of this product.


That’s a perfect 5 out of 5!  Very bad advertising. Every samsung phone ad is so bad it makes me happy about my choice of an iPhone.

Stewart’s Daily Show Coming To An End

For 17 years Jon Stewart has given much of late night America their politics and culture in a groundbreaking comedy format. The Daily Show was uniquely funny and timely like very few other formats, and the gamut of guests kept things interesting. But the real stars of the show are the comedians doing pre-packaged and in-studio bits.

Jon was the perfect straight man to all their bumbling, and he announced on his show that he won’t be renewing his contract and that he wants to have dinner on a school night with his family because he has heard through multiple sources that they are quite pleasant.

Here’s a funny look back at all the big names in comedy that got their fame starting with The Daily Show, along with some of the clips that made the show legendary.



The Office of the Future

Many of us don’t “go into the office” anymore. New cubicle farms are not spreading across the land.



The coffeeshop is the office, the extra bedroom is a command center, or you do your work while mobile through phones and laptops, drive a truck, talk to real humans and avoid the computers. Home offices are very common and not going away.


So the architects are trying to figure out how to build the new modern office.  Pretty interesting read.





The pictures reminded me first of Starbucks…. no, a little more like a Schlotski’s…. no wait, where have I seen that place before?


First I gotta meet with HR about health benefits.







Then the client is coming in for that review meeting at 11 and I have a feeling he’s gonna give us a hard time about the project.









That’s How You Do It

Ozzy and his classic “Blizzard of Oz” band did a little set for music TV show in Rochester NY in 1981. This is how it’s done – 4 dudes rocking it. The band was one of the best hard rock bands ever assembled – the late, great Randy Rhodes on guitar, the great Rudy Sarzo on bass, the great Tommy Alderidge on drums, and Ozzy in good voice doing his thing.

Turn it up and enjoy:

Game Time! The King of Cleveland’s Top 5 Moments

In case you forgot, or were too hurt to remember (like me), here’s what used to be and what will soon be again: #23 just wrecking things and playing for the good guys again!

Gonna be crazy down there tonight, a concert and TNT crew before the game, a winter storm coming in, people partying for Halloween all week


21 Mar 2013, Cleveland, Ohio, USA --- REFILE - ADDITIONAL CAPTION INFORMATION Cleveland Cavaliers fan James Blair interrupts play by coming onto the court in a T-shirt with a message asking Miami Heat's LeBron James (R) to return to Cleveland, during the fourth quarter of their NBA basketball game in Cleveland March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) --- Image by © AARON JOSEFCZYK/Reuters/Corbis

21 Mar 2013, Cleveland, Ohio, USA — REFILE – ADDITIONAL CAPTION INFORMATION Cleveland Cavaliers fan James Blair interrupts play by coming onto the court in a T-shirt with a message asking Miami Heat’s LeBron James (R) to return to Cleveland, during the fourth quarter of their NBA basketball game in Cleveland March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) — Image by © AARON JOSEFCZYK/Reuters/Corbis

Improving The NFL

Just doing my part to improve the NFL.

1 – Bring kickoff returns back

These now-rare plays used to always be among the most exciting plays every game. Why did the NFL get rid of them? Did they mean to? What could possibly replace a long kickoff return for excitement?

Punt returns are still around and still exciting but the NFL needs to bring kickoff returns back. They killed Cribbs and Bess!

If player safety is the issue here then rework the blocking and the speed of the defenders — but please stop the kicker from putting it out of the end zone. Josh Cribbs get on ESPN, let’s get this done!

Josh Cribbs Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers

Josh, we need you! Someone give this man a microphone so he can kill touchbacks.

2 – Show more widescreen and full views

There are two great views of football that TV coverage rarely shows – overhead, and end zone. Most fans have big screens and have played Madden and they like these analytical views.

Yet TV coverage these days is all closeups between the standard sideline-pressbox view. Even when they go to the end zone camera they zoom in on the quarterback so you don’t get to see the action downfield! They almost never pull out the blimp view even though it’s awesome for long plays (specially the kick returns also going extinct as outlined above).

One new improvement is the floating birds-eye camera, but I wish they’d use it for over-the-QB view in big games.

3 – Less commercial breaks (no really!)

I know the sponsors pay the bills for the telecast. This is not an attempt to reduce sponsorship dollars. It is, however, an attempt to improve the viewing experience and fan interaction to the point that it could lead to better ROI for sponsors.

All that the networks would have to do is group the commercials into longer breaks around the game, not during it. That means that commercials are played during pre-game, at quarter ends and  halftime, and all day Sunday between games during Football Day In America.

During the game – whenever play stops for more than a few seconds from things like possession changes, scores, timeouts, and injuries, simply go back to the studio for discussion about the game in progress.

No one wants to see a boner or car commercial for the 17th time after a big momentum change in the game. It’s the most horrible moment in entertainment.  Big Play! OMG! Old people boner commercial.

During the action is when you are intrigued and most engaged, and that’s exactly when american TV cuts away to an irrelevant sponsor spot. Greed over programming quality IMHO.

The current coverage immediately breaks the mood and leaves the game seemingly every 2 minutes to sell me so much crap it’s hard to even watch.

Then the commercials are always louder than the game, impossible hard to ignore especially with repeated airing during the same game. They also couldn’t be further from sports and not tied to the moment at all. A huge missed opportunity for sponsors to befriend, not alienate, the viewer.

The end result? We lose attention so often we have to force ourself to watch an entire football game without leaving for something else — the internet, another channel, chores, a magazine, something happening outside. It’s popular now to watch multiple games at once, that’s how boring most of the coverage has been.

And this is on your favorite team — sitting through that presentation on other games is for the hardcore only. Even hardcore fans hate the constant commercial interruptions and the commercials themselves.

Think of the alternative: a group of sponsors are featured by logo, mentions, even product tie-ins, but the focus stays on the game and on football except for 1-3 breaks per half, and those breaks are a solid 4+ minutes so you can do your thing without missing any action. I personally would appreciate those sponsors far more than the intrusive ads ruining my football now.

I don’t believe the NFL would ever go full-soccer, where there are literally no video commercials during each half and sponsors only have sideline and uniform placement during the game. But the model that could be implemented for the NFL is how the NBA is presented in European and South American coverage that I’ve been able to view.

Their NBA coverage goes back to the studio when play stops, where 2-3 analysts immediately react to the pace of the game and even review fan tweets while watching a feed of the game and waiting until play resumes. When play resumes they jump right back to the game and you never lose your place or your mindset.

They do sneak some commercials in every few breaks and they end being way less distracting and work perfectly as a bathroom or snack break.


Watching the game with these guys is far more enjoyable than watching with Viagra, Buick, Verizon, Samsung, Crooked Politicians, Viagra, Progressive, GMC, AT&T, Verizon, Apple, Exxon, Cialis, Buick, Crooked Politician, Viagra, Geico, Honda, Buick, Viagra …..

I actually have experienced this for an NFL telecast once or twice, and I believe it was Sky or ESPN Europe type of thing, where they went to the studio for in-game breaks and the 3 analysts were watching the game and waiting to comment and fill the time during the break. It was a far more enjoyable way to watch american football.

Like most american males I think about football most of the week, waiting in anticipation of the big showdown on Sunday. The ritual of it, regardless of your teams success, is alluring and keeps the NFL at the top of the ratings.

But I also feel like actually watching the games these days either requires serious channel surfing or having something else to do so you don’t s mash the TV or slit your wrists during every commercial break. We all make weird small talk about the lame commercials and/or put food in our mouths to pass the awkward breaks.

And the snacks don’t taste as good with boner commercials as the soundtrack. Fix this please, NFL+TV networks. I know you are an all powerful ruler in America, I appeal to your wisdom oh master please fix my beloved football!

Watching The Voice

Getting hooked on this show “The Voice”, but I only see clips on Youtube and never even watched a proper episode. I guess I have nothing to add on this post, just wondering if anyone else is watching this show?

I don’t usually watch shows when they are happening, kinda used to being out of the loop on tv shows. This one is pretty entertaining though, I love singers and watching the pro’s react to the amateurs is pretty awesome.


It’s Americans verse Germans in the World Cup, with both looking to advance to the next round. The Germans might be the best team in the world, and the USA team is just pretty happy to be there.

Team USA’s saying has become “I believe I can win” and they are gonna need belief, because they are really outmatched against Germany.

USA has a player named “Zuesy” so that’s a good sign. It’s gonna come down to our master of the goal saving us from the onslaught of German attacks.

15 minutes in and it’s all Germany on the attack.


Outstanding Ms. Hill

OK this clip has everything I love about clips:

great singing,
great song,
great band,
great cover,
great genre mashup,
great drumming,
great bass face,
great backup singers,
great backup singer fashion,
great in-song monitor mix fixing,
great guitarist ending complete with leg kickout and joy face…

yeah, it’s a great clip. Roll it.

George Loves Cookies Cookies

Great episode of The Cleveland Show where Cleveland’s mother Cookie, fed up with years of neglect from her husband, takes off with George Clinton – first aboard the mothership, then aboard the tour bus. She goes 20 rounds with George before her man forms a funk group to win her back!

Funny stuff. Cleveland show is a great show that just got cancelled. The first 3 seasons were pretty excellent. It’s on Netflix and maybe Hulu, but not on Youtube.

Right Wing Racism In Full Display – Megyn Kelly Confirms Santa Is White

Yesterday on Fox News:

‘Kids – Santa was a white man, as was Jesus. They are historical figures. Just because it makes you uncomfortable as an African-American doesn’t mean you can change it. ‘ or something along those lines. Crazy talk yet again.


Fact #1: Santa is a mythical character, based on several legends, none of whom were “white men”. The Santa Claus that we most often see in America is based on a fatter, more jolly version of the German drawing of the character. I call him the Coca-Cola Santa Claus.

Fact #2: Jesus, whether mythical or not, lived his entire life in the Mesopotamia Palestine region, where there are very few native “white men” with blue eyes and thin light-brown hair. The Jesus that most white americans see depicted was painted by European artists and looks to be a fully European man.

Well Megyn, if Jesus is white that makes God white, right? Or at least pre-disposed to loving those that share the skin tone of his only child? That’s Straight Racist Yo. This woman should be fired.

Can you believe that the three other people sat there with a straight face when she said that. In my world, you’d be laughed out the room, if not called a fucking racist first, for claiming you know the ethnicity of a fictional character and the son of God.

What race are the elves Megyn? What breed are the flying deer? Is White Santa legally allowed to whip them?

And for the Tea Partiers – how do you feel about a fat man in a red suit flying from russian airspace right into your chimney? Shoot that red bastard! When I was a kid our chimney went to the furnace, just sayin’.

Stewart Nails The Money Men

Minimum wage in the US hasn’t moved much in years. Prices on everything everywhere have been going up for a decade but the workers who serve and clean most of our crap are getting poorer and poorer.

We all know that fast food doesn’t only employ teenagers and elderly. Most fast food staff are regular folks trying to get by, and perhaps trying to educate themselves to find a better job or pay off a debt. Either way, they have to eat, pay daycare, have a cell phone, go to the doctor and pay their rent just like the rest of us.

So some fast food workers have organized and are striking, trying to get their minimum (and thus average) wage raised to a more livable rate for 2013. Of course, the Republicans show their true colors when talking about minimum wage fast food workers — these people are not hard-working, bootstrapping future capitalists looking for fair compensation for an admittedly shitty job, and they aren’t people laid off from a trade or corporation scraping to find any job they can secure – they are all lazy welfare-taking moochers that just want a handout.

Somehow to the average stupid republican – asking your employer for more money by striking is now the same as taking welfare money from the government. It’s so not the same, but Republicans get away with such jumps of logic regularly.

Everybody Hurts, Sometime

Another Mean Tweets on Kimmel – one of my favorite little bits. Seeing the general rude shittyness of people read aloud is pretty great.

<iframe width=”512″ height=”288″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Dierks Bentley & The Roots Are Still Alive

Jimmy Fallon did Pearl Jam week, featuring covers of PJ classics by other artists and wrapping up with a performance from Eddie & the boys. Some good stuff, and I love having late night shows pursue such musical programming.

Check out The Roots getting their rock on with Mike Mcready from PJ and Dierks Bentley on vox.