Full Power Launch on E Street

Two of the most powerful forces working in music right now are Bruce Springsteen and Ahmir Thompson aka Questlove.

Bruce and his E-Street band have been moving mountains since the 70’s.

Quest started in the 90’s but made up time proving that real musicians listen to, and create, hip-hop. He and his crew The Roots have put in the time and effort of playing nearly everything everywhere (unlike most bands of their generation and genre). It has paid off.

What happens when these two forces meet? An explosion of course.

Turn it up and enjoy TV music magic.

Dierks Bentley & The Roots Are Still Alive

Jimmy Fallon did Pearl Jam week, featuring covers of PJ classics by other artists and wrapping up with a performance from Eddie & the boys. Some good stuff, and I love having late night shows pursue such musical programming.

Check out The Roots getting their rock on with Mike Mcready from PJ and Dierks Bentley on vox.

Potus With The Mostest

Very funny. Look at that applause too — don’t see that on the news much do you?

I remember seeing cheering crowds of (white only) flag waving supporters almost every night for President Bush even when his support was at 10%, but here’s a guy with genuine actual fame and appreciation around the country, and it’s buried deep by our media gatekeepers.

In today’s climate a random black person committing a crime somewhere in America is tied to Obama more than the man himself speaking to his constituents.