It’s a Doggone Shame

Too many children are suffering from mistakes of their parents

Too dumb to tell them there’s a better way to get good things in life.


Great song by The Meters.

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Welcome To New Orleans

Great but short concert from The Meters in 1980 with some cool interview clips.

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The Masters

Check out the original lineup of The Meters, who haven’t played together in decades, getting on stage and tearing it up.

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The Other Side of Paradise

It’s blowing, white, zero degrees out right now. Old Man with snowblower is like a cat herder.

The shittier it gets the more I use music to keep warm. Thinking of summer days with some classic Neville Brothers:

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Good Old Funky Music

This is one of my favorite random old Meters jams. I find myself humming this riff all the time, and occasionally trying to play it on the drums (don’t have it yet).… Read the rest