Serve The Song

The most expensive drummer in the world plays it simple.


  1. For the music
  2. What’s most important in music? Not the singer, not the guitarists, not the bassist, not the keyboardist, not the drummer. It’s the song. It’s the music.
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Unknown Group From Liverpool

Didn’t anybody tell her?

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Outstanding Ms. Hill

OK this clip has everything I love about clips:

great singing,
great song,
great band,
great cover,
great genre mashup,
great drumming,
great bass face,
great backup singers,
great backup singer fashion,
great in-song monitor mix fixing,
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To Keep You Satisfied

I love music. I love Beatles. I love studios. I love lamp.

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Unplugged and Relaxed with Ray Davies & Paul McCartney

Even goofing around these guys have the best songs in the world:

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Begin Debate Now

The Beatles vs. Stevie Wonder.

I have no pick, there is no first place. Just thinking out loud, who had a better career, who is more top of line to you…. ?


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