You Are Clicking It Wrong

Well that didn’t take long.

Early adopters are already complaining and returning it for replacement.

Nice tablet MS, too bad it requires a cheap plastic keyboard cover thing to work correctly, making it not a tablet but a really crappy … Read the rest

Surface Thoughts

Lots of discussion around about the new tablet coming out from Microsoft. They are calling it the Surface and while competing with the iPad, they are taking a fundamentally different approach to the device.

Philosophically, MS has shown their usual … Read the rest

Mobile Crystal Ball


OK, quick hit, how I see the next 2 years playing out in the critical mobile OS area:

Microsoft buys or otherwise takes over Research In Motion and quickly picks up corporate market share by building a direct bridge from … Read the rest

He Beat Me To It (Again!)

Damon Albarn from Gorillaz is rambling forward yet again, pushing to release the first major project recorded on an iPad this holiday season.

I’ve messed around with the 4-track recorders and many of the synthesizers and other iOS instrument apps. … Read the rest

Stardate 1272010


better start saving, you know you are gonna get pad envy…

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