Modern Day Slavery

A must read from Mother Jones magazine. Former Trump Model Management clients speak about lying to immigration officials, working illegally and being exploited by Trump.


More former employees are speaking up against The Don


Makes me wonder if Melanija Knavs was really a case of fishing off the illegal immigrant pier.


Melania – managed by Trump Model Management Inc.

TrumpTV, not President Trump


Don’s mad he makes ratings with no slice of revenue.


Don John will drop out, call the election rigged, and launch his own TV network.

I’ve been posting this for months on various comment boards, and with my prediction record for Trump at about 15-1 I’m feeling good about this one.



All retard all day


What will be on TrumpTV?  I’m sure there will be plenty of commercials for Trump products — cufflinks, steaks, board games, wine, ties, modeling schools, get rich seminars, penis enlargement, women’s shoes, etc..

There will also be many commercials for Trump University (since renamed) and plenty of shots of his properties. Wrestlers leg syndrome. Apple Pie in Golden Pans!

Placebo syndrome.

I expect some sort of news element, outdoing Fox News with more sexism, more sex, and more utterly retarded points of view.

Naked News?


Doing a followup!


What a collection of idiots. The yellow dress is his campaign’s african-american. He’s big with the mexicans too. Geraldo serves him Taco Bowls once a year.


Rumors are circulating that he could buy Oprah’s struggling network, or some other existing media company and just do what he always does – rebrand.

See, Don hasn’t built anything from scratch since the 80’s unless it’s a pyramid scheme or infomercial.

The new TRUMPTV™ might even have it’s own version of The Apprentice, regardless if NBC sues. Don doesn’t mind being sued, or suing. This man has 3500 active lawsuits!



Bring it NBC! I invented the apprentice, I can prove it with 35 lawyers and endless free nights at my resorts.



The scary man with the short fingers does not want to be president. No 70 year old billionaire should want to be president.

Prez is alot of hard work and compromise and representing all of america, not just the parts you agree with.


Everything here is fabulous. I put my name on it now it’s fabulous. Pay no attention to my child-like hands.



Update – here’s Penn Jillette talking about Donald and his reality show:

Donny Drumpf Kicks Out Black Students Standing Silently

Donny Drumpf goes to speak at a college in Georgia. Students show up to hear what he has to say.

A group of 15+ students show up wearing mostly black and go to their seats. They are african-american. Once they are in place, and before the speech, they stand in silence.

Soon Donny’s Secret Service approaches and says they will have to leave. Some are shocked and most are filming it. The local police then come over to escort them out. Shouting and booing happens. The students are removed from the event. At their own school. While silent. Donny then strolls in to his all-white drumpfets screaming wildly and serves up the racist red meat.

The students hang outside. No other people inside the arena walk out, boo the treatment, or otherwise protest.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.14.56 AM


You think he’s going to try this again? Hopefully every person darker than paste in the location of donny drumpf’s next few events is pulling out their black shirt and texting their crew.  If security asks tell them you are Cuban-Americans for Trump or something.

Bring it donny. If you are trying to start a civil war please do it before the election.

Classic drumpf-ism.



Stewart Nails The Money Men

Minimum wage in the US hasn’t moved much in years. Prices on everything everywhere have been going up for a decade but the workers who serve and clean most of our crap are getting poorer and poorer.

We all know that fast food doesn’t only employ teenagers and elderly. Most fast food staff are regular folks trying to get by, and perhaps trying to educate themselves to find a better job or pay off a debt. Either way, they have to eat, pay daycare, have a cell phone, go to the doctor and pay their rent just like the rest of us.

So some fast food workers have organized and are striking, trying to get their minimum (and thus average) wage raised to a more livable rate for 2013. Of course, the Republicans show their true colors when talking about minimum wage fast food workers — these people are not hard-working, bootstrapping future capitalists looking for fair compensation for an admittedly shitty job, and they aren’t people laid off from a trade or corporation scraping to find any job they can secure – they are all lazy welfare-taking moochers that just want a handout.

Somehow to the average stupid republican – asking your employer for more money by striking is now the same as taking welfare money from the government. It’s so not the same, but Republicans get away with such jumps of logic regularly.

Tea Party Excess Threatens High-Tech Success

Interesting Op-Ed from a prominent Physics professor regarding how the political climate in the Tea Party era makes it very difficult to fund scientific research, and how critical to the past and future growth of the USA scientific research is.

Government support of science, for example, delivered the integrated circuit, the atomic clock, the global positioning system, the Internet and the touch screen, the innovations Jobs seized on to create the iPhone and iPad. And the Apple saga is only one of many high-tech success stories hidden in plain sight.

Bill Moyers Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy

Nailed. It. The Republican minority is sabotaging this country right now. Congress’s approval rating has moved to 10%, below even W’s worst days. Several services and programs I rely on at work have already shut down and I have a family member way out in Oh-yeah that is furloughed. I think people know this is BS and hopefully punish these tea party idiots for it. This is a law, voted on 3x now, and deemed legal and constitutional by the supreme court, and these jackasses are willing to destroy this country in the name of keeping people unhealthy. CRAZY.

Bill Moyers Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Bill Moyers Essay: On the Sabotage of Democracy on Vimeo.

Vote Them Out! Politicians Who Won’t Compromise Will Ruin Us

If they want to hijack our government for their own radical agenda, then I say let the democracy work the way it should and let’s vote all the idiot tea partying republicans out.

The Tea Party exists to RUIN the federal government. They don’t believe it should exist at nearly the size or complexity it does now. So they have infiltrated and are doing their best to take the whole thing down from the inside. I have a bit of radical in me and don’t care that much for “the feds” but we have to reject this from our system before it achieves it’s goal. Try listening to right-wing radio or TV for 2 minutes before screaming “You Fuggin Idiots!”. Their ignorance is staggering – this is what happened to the people who stopped listening to teachers.




Check it out — an early poll showing that the GOP might get what they deserve for this latest stunt : House Elections should be interesting. Granted, gerrymandering has made many of these districts locks for republicans, but that can hopefully be undone over time.

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Watching Incorrect News Makes You Ignorant. Imagine That.


Faux science from Fox news causes general scientific ignorance. This has been obvious to me but now we have data to back it up.

I’ve posted this before but it bears screaming digitally:

Global warming/climate change is not equivalent to your local weather forecast.

imagesIdiots that rant about global warming being a hoax on the days it’s snowing in their neighborhood (and use the snowfall as their evidence) are idiots. Pure idiots. How?

  • By not understanding the size of the planet verse their local weather system; by not understanding that climate change causes extremes in all ways;
  • By not understanding that the weather changes everywhere all the time, which is why we have averages and statistical computer programming analyzing everyone’s neighborhood (not just yours you stupid yahoo);
  • By believing that science/math/physics is open to ‘opinion’;
  • By not knowing that the scientific method addresses doubt and skepticism immediately. The very nature of the scientific method is to work from a position of doubt and prove things to be not true.

I know I’m screaming into an empty room because people who watch Fox news weren’t very interested in science or math class to begin with. But just sayin (again).