The Art of Recorded Music


A canvas. A monitor. A block of clay.

Human imagination is more fertile and expansive than all of them.

Human imagination is where the soundstage of recorded music is rendered.



Creating sound for a recording takes planning. Even a …

Cut Me Some Slack – McCartney Nirvana

Famous band loses famous singer and breaks up. 20 years pass. More-famous singer is invited to work out a new song and jam, see what happens.  This happens. Good stuff.

A Tale Of Two Setups

I was in my new all-analog studio last night with a simple task – dump from the 4-track tape machine to something digital so I could share the tracks just recorded with the artists.



First I needed to do …

How You Hear Music


Listening 101

1. Directionality – Where is that sound coming from? Where exactly is that hi-hat sitting in the mix? Is the band in front of me or all around me?

2. Delay/Roomspace – Am I in a large room, …

Dawg Gone Analog

It’s happening. I’ve considered and planned and anticipated this for 15+ years. But always compromised.

I’m going analog at the studio. Direct to tape. Outboard gear. No DAW. No computers needed at all.

The real deal. Why wait any longer?…

A Girl Like That

The obvious back story to “Jessie’s Girl”

Best Thing Ever

Lofty headline, no?

Music is life. Perhaps we should all play music to each other, that might be a better world.

Instead we developed technology to record the music so we can play it on demand without musicians present.

After …

Welcome to 1979

Me likee

Word of the Day: Provenance

Provenance - Noun : originsourceplace of originbirthplace, fountrootspedigreederivationroot

You hear it on antiques shows and now you hear about it in digital music, and it’s …

Take A Good Look At My Face

Smokey Robinson, one of American’s finest songwriters, has a new record out and it led me to find this gem:

10 years after smokey’s original, the seventies country rock thing was happening and a cutie by the name of Linda …

To Keep You Satisfied

I love music. I love Beatles. I love studios. I love lamp.


Get Your Hands Off by The Bernie Worrell Orchestra Live @Forge Recording

This is how you do it! Bernie Worrell and his new BW Orchestra (complete with big brass) throwin down live in the studio, early 2013:


No Turning Back With Cody ChesnuTT

Since I don’t really pay attention to anyone’s social media noise I know I miss stuff, but you know, I usually find it in good time.

From last summer, here’s a great peak into the Okayplayer studios with Cody Chesnutt …

Quick Studio Funk with Larry Dunn & Foley

Just a glimpse into the sessions for Foley’s killer 1993 release “7 Years Ago….Directions In Smart-Alec Music” featuring some keyboard love from original EWF player Larry Dunn, with a quick glimpse of GC at the end.

Hey was that Foley …

Meganutt With The Hens – Weapon of Choice In The Studio



Old School Or New Thing?

Further proof that all music is joined by a common thread that extends through space, time, and frame of mind: Social Distortion doing an acoustic in-studio. What year is this ? 1990? 2010? 1960? Love it.

For All The Studio Rats

Wherever your studio may be, if you spend massive amounts of time there this one’s for you: Feel My Heat!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 5.25.54 PM

That Was Really Super Laid Back


Shred Boy Shred

I’ve been fighting off a bad case off the retro-itus when it comes to 80’s cheese metal. That led me to this rejuvenating affair: George Lynch debuting a new track live in the studio.

Spring has sprung!


So its been a long while i know
But much has been happening around me
Since i last opened my space
And your face to my reality

A new studio has sprung
Bigger harder stronger than the last one
The …