Save The Music One Hertz At A Time

OK I have been listening to mp3’s for about 15 years now, and I have to say I’m ready for the next digital format. I want 96k minimum range (192k preferred) so it almost sounds as good as my albums. … Read the rest

More Than Lip Service

Here’s Steve Jobs demoing his NeXT Computer running the OS NextStep from the early 90’s. He calls it “Interpersonal Computing”.

What’s amazing to me is how 20 years on most of this demo holds up. There are things the NextStep … Read the rest

Creator of the WWW Credits Steve

Internet old timers know the story, but with Steve Jobs’ passing I thought it important to bring it up again.

The guy who developed/invented the world wide web, HTML, and the http protocol back in 1990 claims he couldn’t have Read the rest

Thank You For All Of It


Steve Jobs: 1955-2011.

Where would the tech world, perhaps the world as a whole, be without Steven P. Jobs? The concepts he developed in his teens and twenties regarding if/how/when/why we interact with computers built entire industries. Appleholics like myself … Read the rest


If you got the idea of empowering people through a friendly, logical computer interface, you’ve liked this guy for a long time.

If you got the idea that UNIX power should have a mainstream use, you’ve liked this guy for … Read the rest