Mothership Long Term Parking

Oh Jupiter, do you hold the secrets of the solar system?

Do the little green men reside there?

Many people point to Jupiter’s moon Europa as being the logical place to find life other than us. The crust appears to … Read the rest

Sorry HAL

I’ve been tough on Ars Technica for good reason, but here’s an excellent article on the most fascinating space exploration project of the modern era.

It’s the distant Jovian [aka Jupiterian] moon Europa, and it’s not just science-fiction writers that … Read the rest

Theories Into Reality

About 500 years ago some people started to sort some things about our universe out. Many were ridiculed if not persecuted so they hid this knowledge from the authorities.

This is what they knew to be true:

That is actual … Read the rest

Falling Debris

Check out this amazing story about a norwegian skydiver who almost got cut in half by a meteorite. Seriously.

shorter version:

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Gravitons, Waves, and Cosmic Microwave Background Oh My!

Big news from the physics world that I can’t possibly explain accurately, but here goes anyway.

Someone discovered a trace of a magnetic signal that is believed to come from the origin of the universe, a signal created shortly after … Read the rest

Oh Europa, Europa

Check it, some smart folks are looking into the feasibility of actually going to Europa, the strange moon of Jupiter that has often been pegged in fiction as the home of our alien friends.

Europa is covered in a … Read the rest


Sorry for the lame headline but I can’t think of much else. This is some amazing imagery, and gets kinda scary at some moments.

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Beautiful Namibian Nights


Namibian Nights from Squiver on Vimeo.… Read the rest

The Study of Astrofarts

Flatus gasses study summary.

In honor of my least favorite day of the year. Sorry ma, I had to do it.

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Long Lost Relatives?

Wow. Mexican researchers have completed their models of earth’s ejecta (this outstanding word is the stuff the earth would eject out of it’s gravity after getting hit).

Turns out that not only would our moon and Mars be logical targets … Read the rest

Collinwood Sun

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