George Bernard Worrell, Jr.

Best known as Bernie or The Wizard of Woo, Worrell is a giant among modern composers and keyboardists.

This man could play virtually anything at a very high level. His writing, playing, and improvisation were unrivaled. From April 19, 1944 … Read the rest

Dirty Pool

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 12.58.50 PM


Oh yeah, Stevie Ray, play that thing!

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One of my favorite pieces from my favorite classical composer, performed admirably by this young fella Yundi.

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Don’t You Know?

The world is a ghetto. Everyone is just trying to survive. Great song, great cover.

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Classic Wizardry




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Introducing The Spiderbots

No they are not from Mars. Here’s an extended piece I have worked on for many years: Music for Spiderbots, in Three Parts. Na zdrowie!

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A Rare Mix of Pure Funk

So this is one of Junie Morrison’s best and worst jams, and I actually don’t have the original LP so I had never heard this mix before. It’s the fuller extended mix, plus, the safe for work/radio vocal mix, wowza!… Read the rest