Trapping Ignorance



I’m generally against tracking and monitoring of innocent people, and I support the 1st amendment (and the rest of the amendments, and the constitution) so I’ll probably argue with myself about this one, but….

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Social Media?

= listening to music with other humans.

= watching movies with other humans.

= watching television with other humans.

= discussing the news with other humans.

These are social exercises.  Sorry internet, you really aren’t social. You are anti-social in … Read the rest

Facebook Siding With Turkish Government To Limit Opposition?


Reports out of Turkey are claiming that Facebook has sided with the Turkish government and are enacting pro-government policies including blocking discussion groups about Kurdish independence and banning users that insult the current Turkish president or his policies towards theKurds. … Read the rest

Manipulate You Socially

Facebook aren’t the only ones learning about how to exert control over people through social networks:

Air Force research: How to use social media to control people like drones

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Google+ Lets You Be Yourselves


Google has finally reversed their “real names only” policy they were pushing for Google+, which was affecting people’s Youtube and even Gmail usage.

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More Facebook = More Loneliness

File this under the “no shit” category – but new research is showing that women who share more private information to Facebook end up feeling lonelier than those that don’t.

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That’s Not Even A Real Puppy

Haha good advert from Toyota, co-produced by Fahqfasse Bookman and Collinwood Sun 😉

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Enough Already, Let’s Play Tetherball!

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