The Logical End of Social Media

The logical end of social media is tribalism based not on bloodlines or geography but on opinion and politics. It feels inevitable.

It could abolish the economy. It could crush the democracy.


It could trample on the constitution and bill … Read the rest

More Facebook = More Loneliness

File this under the “no shit” category – but new research is showing that women who share more private information to Facebook end up feeling lonelier than those that don’t.

This type of thinking has been out in the public … Read the rest

Social Harmony in the 21st Century

Junkies, Put Down That Facebook and Look In The Mirror

You are selling yourself short. You are worth more than that.

Have some pride!

Here’s a mirror, take a look.

Looking at friend and family pictures is not bad.

Seeing them in person and catching up is a much healthier … Read the rest

Facebook and the Rise of the Idiots

Snark. Smart ass. Quick. Whoa. Fail.


Anyone who runs their personal life through facebook is kind of an idiot. Break the grip of the snarky randomness! Try actual content and contact again. Keep your business private! Pick up your damn … Read the rest

More Apps About Buildings & Food

Check out David Byrne’s fake iPhone apps, very cool. I actually found this link as live Talking Heads was streaming. We have converged.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.36.24 AMRead the rest