Saving The Relationship

If you need help…

All Ohio Funk – Slow Jam Edition!

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Ohio Funk Dosimetry

300 tracks and counting….. ALL OHIO FUNK youtube playlist

curated by ezraz the enfunklopedia

to lock you on the 1

and cool you out in these stressful times

Works nice in shuffle mode.


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Ohio Fungk Is Where It’s At

The baddest playlist around….. All OHIO, All FUNGK, ALL ON THE ONE

Ohio Players, Sun, Slave, Bootsy, Heatwave, Dayton, The Isley’s, Junie Morrison, Zapp, Aurra, Faze-O,  Lakeside, Overnight Low, Dazz Band…. if it came from Ohio we will play it.… Read the rest

FUNK @ 24/192: Oh My!

But of course, why did I ever doubt it?

I worry. More than my cool attitude allows.

I worry about incompetence and greed getting in the way of a good time.

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Watching You

Damn why was this lip-synched? I thought that the Don Kirshner show was live performance so I wonder what happened here. Anyways, great Ohio groove on this one. This is STELLAR FUNGK!

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Makes Me Weak At The Knees

Original bassist and writer of the classic Slave track Weak At The Knees, doing his thing these days, getting down the way we like.

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You’re Stepping So High – Legendary Slave

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Ohio Funk Credentials

This cat rips through some great old funk from Slave. Here’s to the Dayton funk scene, youtube, and my late great friend Zues who played a similar rig.

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Album Review: Slave (1977)

Album Review By Super J

[originally published at on 08/01/2000]



Slave’s debut album came in 1977. With 9 members, the album promised to give us power funk and it doesn’t disappoint.

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