Your Face Fails

Romney Face Tattoo For Idiots


Politico does the follow-up.

Maybe he could just tell people it stands for “really retarded” ?

Sorry – people with intellectual disabilities are not dumb enough to end up like this guy.…

Another Romney Endorsement

Good old Mr. Burns. I can never tell the difference between the jokes written by comedy writers and the actual Republican talking points, and that’s pretty scary.

I wonder if Republicans who watch The Simpsons side with Mr. Burns? Or …

The Racist GOP

Just a few days until final voting day here in Ohio, and this ad just went across the sports station that seemed so loaded with code words and implications that I’m almost shocked. Almost because I knew these people were …


Only In America


Try to follow the twisted logic we ‘mericans live in: The governor of a big eastern state, to avert crisis, works with the other party to reform their state health system. They put in place a universal coverage policy that …

The Blood of A Nomadic Polygamist Tribesman

Now I’m not a wifer, I’m just saying….