It’s The Wrapping They Buy

Here’s a great interview clip with the shy and interesting Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, from back in the early days.

He reflects on life in a successful white rock ‘n roll band playing black R&B, how American … Read the rest

It’s Just About Time To Hide Away

Great version of one of my favorite Stones songs, just voice and guitar:

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Birthday Dedication To Such A Pretty Girl

Song lyric to one of my mom’s favorite song from back in the day, from a concert she would have probably been at if she would have had a sitter 😉

Old school shoutout – happy b-day mom!… Read the rest

Just A Shot Away

Longer intro, longer edit – very nice.

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I Ran 20 Red Lights In His Honor

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord. It’s the Rolling Stones doing some southern stylings.

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