When You Need To Pick From 36 Million Items

Check out this story about Amazon’s warehouse robots, pretty interesting:


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Bout To Get Weird

Robot cars now officially legal in California.
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Imagine if each tiny little block of something was actually a smart object (meaning it has a CPU, input & output), and that these blocks worked as a group to reposition themselves. Sort of like lego’s that build themselves. Cool Read the rest

An Update On The Human-Robot Competition

Hello humans. I have two items I’d like to brief you about. As always – be vigilant. Robots are not to be trusted.

The Squishy Robot has no skeleton and can crawl (shimmy?) underneath small spaces.

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Robots Exist Among Us

Oh computers, how you both empower and enslave us at the same time!

This site has recently been overrun by fake users, most with google mail or a russian email address. These spambot accounts don’t seem to do anything yet, … Read the rest