The Bathrooms At Drumpf Tower

Uh oh, donny is pivoting to the general election and his most hard-headed ignorant followers are not going to be happy. He’s a New York liberal billionaire who is currently winning the republican nomination due to his brand, his ego, his trucker hat, and his bullying ways.

But as he pivots and unveils more of his policy ideas it will be interesting to watch the maniac low-information types deal with him.

Yesterday he was asked about the North Carolina bathroom law controversy. He said a transgender such as Caitlyn Jenner can use whatever bathroom they prefer in his buildings. Oops – wrong answer Drumpf! Your supporters are afraid of transgenders in their bathroom! Ew gross!



Bill Burr expresses surprise. Tracy Morgan flirts. You can react how you want to a transgender person but North Carolina wants to prosecute them for where they pee.


The way it has always worked in america is if you were transgender and needing a public restroom you went into whatever side you felt most comfortable with in that situation. You minded your business in the bathroom and there was no problem.

The wise republicans of North Carolina felt it was time to make a change. They want bathroom use determined by the actual genitals in your pants and want serious legal punishment if you go into the other room. You can dress, walk, talk, and smell like a woman, but if there’s still any form of a penis in those pants and you go into the woman’s room in NC their law punishes you like a pervert preying on those women. If there’s minors using that restroom at the same time you can even be put on the sex offender list. Your life can be ruined because of which room you chose to pee in.

The law is pointless and tries to correct a problem that doesn’t exist. No one knows which bathroom a transgender goes into because no one inspects the genitals of strangers in bathrooms.

Paypal Inc. cancelled their plans for a new office in North Carolina, saying they will not invest in a state that discriminates against transgenders. Various entertainers like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have spoken out against the law and cancelled shows in the state.

Unless you post a bathroom monitor who inspects the genitals of every person walking in, this law will be struck down. Mind your business in the public restroom and there’s no problems.  I have to agree with Don here. I even capped his name.

I thought Republicans were against pointless government control and new laws? Now they want the government in bathroom stalls and in the pants of people that just need to pee.



The golden public bathrooms in Trump Tower, where you are free to use the one you most identify with.

Donny Drumpf Kicks Out Black Students Standing Silently

Donny Drumpf goes to speak at a college in Georgia. Students show up to hear what he has to say.

A group of 15+ students show up wearing mostly black and go to their seats. They are african-american. Once they are in place, and before the speech, they stand in silence.

Soon Donny’s Secret Service approaches and says they will have to leave. Some are shocked and most are filming it. The local police then come over to escort them out. Shouting and booing happens. The students are removed from the event. At their own school. While silent. Donny then strolls in to his all-white drumpfets screaming wildly and serves up the racist red meat.

The students hang outside. No other people inside the arena walk out, boo the treatment, or otherwise protest.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.14.56 AM


You think he’s going to try this again? Hopefully every person darker than paste in the location of donny drumpf’s next few events is pulling out their black shirt and texting their crew.  If security asks tell them you are Cuban-Americans for Trump or something.

Bring it donny. If you are trying to start a civil war please do it before the election.

Classic drumpf-ism.



Streaming’s Shortcomings

Unknown-1images Unknown

If everyone got their music from streaming?  That’s a big problem.


  1. has no cross promotion with local events or the local economy.
  2. has no cross promotion with local unsigned bands.
  3. has no direct connection back to the artist.

  4. completely ignores the purchasing power of the listener.
  5. has a limited and unstable (ever changing) catalog.
  6. pays a lower royalty per listener than other performance licenses.

  7. is the worst sound quality of all distribution platforms.
  8. has no production credits or copyright information.
  9. has no writer, composer, or publishing credits.

  10. has no human interaction for discovery of new music.
  11. assumes genre and style over all else when mixing music.
  12. assumes what you liked yesterday morning is what you will like Friday night.

  13. avoids selecting album/deep cuts and non-hits nearly as bad as top 40.
  14. requires multiple subscriptions (network and provider) to be active and paid up.
  15. cannot be rewound and reviewed for additional enjoyment.

  16. cannot easily be recorded or mixed into playlists and sets.
  17. contains only a low-resolution cover image, not complete artwork.
  18. contains no lyrics or artist notes.

  19. just got The Beatles in 2016.
  20. requires almost no paid humans to get it to your ears.


I’ve been around streaming for literally 20 years now, and have programmed it and listened to it since the beginning. If it truly is taking over the music industry we have to be honest about it’s shortcomings. That’s the only way we can start to address them.

Another internet casualty

Another internet casualty


Imagining A World Full of Left Wing Crazies



In America, seemingly every week some crazy person filled to the brim with AM Radio talking points, Fox News theories, and right wing internet fueled nonsense pulls out one or more of their many guns and starts shooting innocents.

A pizza parlor. A woman’s clinic. A church social room. Walmart. A movie theater. A kids camp.

It’s always a right-winger full of the current rhetoric of hate, yet they are called a “lone wolf”. Where do these wolf’s learn to howl? See here for that line of bs.

Imagine if lefties went nuts and shot random people like that. Where would the mass murders be?

SUV dealerships?

The dump?

Tea Party rallies?

Monster truck shows?

Nascar races?


It would be a very different world, indeed.

Imagine if being a christian in america meant you might be gunned down at any time by an extremist. Sadly it’s usually christians doing the shooting from what I can see, so being a secularist, or a woman needing medical advice, proves to be risky and potentially fatal in modern america.

I’m not for taking away the right to own a gun for home protection or hunting. I’m for removing guns from irresponsible people’s hands. Look for assault rifles outside of the military, find irresponsible people.

Do the people murdering innocents at Planned Parenthood understand that they are worse than the worst of the terrorists? They exist in a democracy with free access to information and the freedom of religion, and they still choose to murder in the name of their God.

Happy Birthday Enters Public Domain

One of the funnier/sadder stories of licensing and copyright folly involves the beloved song “Happy Birthday”. It’s origin is a 1890’s kids song with different lyrics, but somehow it was copyrighted in 1935 and that copyright was eventually acquired by Warner/Chapell music.

In the last couple of decades Warner/Chapell has been enforcing that copyright and collecting fees to use the song. While they don’t try to monitor casual use, aka singing at birthday parties, they do expect payment if it is used for commercial purposes. This is why you don’t hear it sung often in recorded music, TV shows, movies, or commercials.




A federal judge just ruled the copyright is for the music only, not lyrics, therefore making the overall copyright unenforceable (not sure why).

Warner/Chapell is also ordered to return up to $5 million in royalties collected for the song. I’m sure they will appeal but it’s a good first step in ending the tyranny of enforcing 115 year old copyrights, which should have already expired.



Facebook Siding With Turkish Government To Limit Opposition?


Reports out of Turkey are claiming that Facebook has sided with the Turkish government and are enacting pro-government policies including blocking discussion groups about Kurdish independence and banning users that insult the current Turkish president or his policies towards theKurds. Some Kurdish activists are sounding the alarm bell although there isn’t a lot of evidence to this point.

The future is now, and if true this equals my worst fear for Facebook.  Sure, highly targeted advertising and selling profiles for money are annoying, but you could make the claim that they fall into the “no big deal” category because it’s just commerce. Nothing there is stopping you from enjoying life.

But if your political views on Facebook do not align with Facebook Inc. and are now enough to get you banned, well we have a problem. This gives Facebook far too much political power and any country where this is taking place should investigate Facebook’s business license.

Being an American company, I also support congress or the FTC investigating this. No american media company, especially one as engrained and ubiquitous as Facebook, should be allowed to pick a side and promote one government entity over another one.


Music Business vs. Youtube

The battle for pennies is heating up. The 3 major record labels are supposedly fed up with Youtube’s lame attempts to monetize their content, feeling that Google, who owns Youtube and the entire ad network and search engine that drives it, has been less than honest about their intentions and more than willing to keep most of the generated revenue for themselves.


No record label supports free music, and no music lover should either.*


As Apple was prepping their streaming service they poured gas on the fire by trying to convince the Big 3 to pull their content from Youtube, even reportedly going so far as to offer them compensation for lost revenue.

The labels did not go with Apple’s plan but according to latest reports are continuing their talks regarding how to negotiate with Google, including a nuclear option where they pull their entire catalogs at the same time and make a big stink about it, leaving Google to act on either increasing monetization or going on without official releases.

Of course Youtube will continue to host all variety of bootlegs until they are taken down by the copyright police.

*Of course I’ll continue to link to free youtube stuff for your pleasure, hoping they soon work out their royalty problem. As always, I recommend you buy the music you love in the highest quality possible from stores like PonoMusic, HDTracks, and ProStudioMasters, and if the artist is still working then support their efforts monetarily as much as you can.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.20.24 PM

Lots of Gadgets Are Spying On You

I covered it last week here. Samsung gets called out for their smart TV’s listening and transmitting everything we say to a third party. Very 1984. You might have thought ‘Samsung isn’t the only one doing it’ – and you would be right: Lots of other gadgets are spying on you.

Do you really need to talk to your devices, when a simple button press works just as well?

ACLU Study Says Police Cameras Create Database of Our Movements

Ah great:

ACLU Study Says Police Cameras Create Database of Our Movements – Slashdot.

The Cops Are Tracking My Car and Yours – Ars Technica.

I always wanted to see someone (else!) do an experiment with the traffic cameras: go stand in the view of one, smile for the camera, pull out something illegal and use it, and then walk away. Perhaps to somewhere close by.


Would police come investigating? How soon? Would someone attempt to ID you in the video? Would they be able to pursue you and arrest you for the crime? Is there an expiration time (statute of limitations)? Does it matter that you are not on the road or in a vehicle?

I know these laws would be different from country to country, and I assume even from state to state or city to city. This bears watching, because once they hook the police, facebook, google, and “security” camera databases together we are definitely dealing with Big Brother.

The Big Payback by Nina Turner

Not Tina Turner, not a James Brown song, but some good old fashioned politics:

Women Fight Back: Ohio Bill Makes Erectile Dysfunction Her Business

State Senator Turner is the real deal, fighting the forces of ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Men in the US continue to legislate women’s reproductive and sexual rights, so Senator Turner is pushing back with the obvious “how do you like it?”.

2nd Amendment 2.0

The only part of the US Bill of Rights dealing with technology needs an update.

  • 220 years ago we all faced attack on and siege of our properties by non-US forces and animals.
  • 220 years ago we all lived rurally without electricity, phone, automobile, or medicine.
  • 220 years ago a gun could shoot 1 round at a time, and no more than 4 per minute.
  • 220 years ago a gun was 4.5 feet long and weighed 15 lbs.

Thus, in this environment, the founding fathers of this brand new (and highly sought after) country developed the 2nd amendment:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

…or as I read it, a guarantee that the new US government wouldn’t sell out to the Brits. We the people had our out if the whole thing was compromised. The 3rd amendment drives that home with the guarantee that you won’t be forced to house US troops during war or peace time.

We’ve come to an argument, 220 years later, over how many, how powerful, and how prevalent guns should be for each American, regardless of where they live or what they use them for. There is no well-regulated militia, yet there is a full police force, amazing technology, medicine, animal control, etc. all showing that we’ve moved far beyond requiring a musket to protect your farm from redcoats or injuns.

America is sick with guns. There’s plenty of other prosperous countries that have violent video games, violent movies, mental illness, sex deviance, fatty diets, and money stress. What they don’t have is more weapons than people. The entire German police force fired less than 100 rounds last year in all of Germany (population: 82 million). Think about that. These people live peacefully, using guns for hunting and collecting. Spare me your nazi jokes, that was 80 years ago.

Anyone who thinks a solution involves more guns is a junkie. A Junkie. A violence junkie? If you are so concerned about your personal self-defense I suggest boxing or martial arts.

Someone needs to say it and keep repeating it: The 2nd amendment is legit. The NRA is bullshit.

We need to update the 2nd amendment before we devolve into armed chaos.

Constitution-era weapon

Constitution-era weapon

If you need a gun you should have a full background check, including your medication, violence and mental health history. No loopholes. If you need more than one, or a more powerful option you should have to apply for permission. Ammunition sales should be limited and tracked.

Anyone stockpiling should be investigated by the local police and kept in a database. Military-grade weapons and clips should be illegal for everyone but the military. They were from 1994-2004 and they should be again.

Then the police, the hunters, the house protectors, and the tough guys all can have their necessary guns. The rest of us can live without fear of every home holding a military arsenal one room over from the sad, medicated “home-schooled” kid playing video games all day and night.