Mothership Long Term Parking

Oh Jupiter, do you hold the secrets of the solar system?

Do the little green men reside there?

Many people point to Jupiter’s moon Europa as being the logical place to find life other than us. The crust appears to … Read the rest

Your Password Or Your Soul


Will there be life after passwords? We are currently drowning in them – some more than others. A fella like me might need to enter 50 different passwords of increasing complexity just to get by a week in 2014.

It’s … Read the rest

Getting Audio From Video Where There Was None

Yes that’s right. Researchers have used some cool computer programming and video chip tricks to do what was previously impossible – to use video to record vibrations made by sound and then recreate the sound.

No sound recorded, just … Read the rest

Library sticks 1 million pics on Flickr and asks for help making them useful

Fun times if you are looking to kill a few hundred hours….

British Library sticks 1 million pics on Flickr, asks for help making them useful | Ars Technica.

11223037485_b99555428f_bRead the rest

Long Lost Relatives?

Wow. Mexican researchers have completed their models of earth’s ejecta (this outstanding word is the stuff the earth would eject out of it’s gravity after getting hit).

Turns out that not only would our moon and Mars be logical targets … Read the rest