The Small Fish

One piece to the genius of Bob Marley is how pliable his music is.

The Marley fam did a remix project in 1999 called Chant Down Babylon where they mixed reggae classics with hip-hop and rock artists and the results … Read the rest

Funniest Thing On The Internet Ever?

Lofty title true, but I laughed harder than I have in years at this Shred remix of the Kennedy Center Honoree Led Zeppelin.

There’s more great Shredding in my youtube playlist:

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Heavy Funk Freekbass Remix by DJ Raz

Many years ago I was having some fun with a sick Freekbass track. We used to sell these before shows right before internet distribution. Turn it up, all you can hear is the bass!… Read the rest

A Golden Oldie from Ezraz


Back when I was a little bitty baby boy, here’s “Touch Me” from the first DJ Raz release:… Read the rest

Smash Up Ohio Players vs Adele


 … Read the rest

1, 2, 3, 4 Cmon’ Yall Whatchu Waitin For?

One of my favorite producers takes on a classic and I kinda dig it, let it roll for a bit and it warms up nice. It’s Dan The Automator puttin up his version of Rapper’s Delight featuring new vocals from … Read the rest

Crunked Down – Chopped Andre 3000



8fd04d8b99ab1bee72b37ce398d42802Read the rest

Blackalicious Remixing Fela Kuti

Long admired afro-pop pioneer and political firebrand Fela Kuti is getting a remix from none other than Blackalicious’ Chief Xcel.

“Underground Spiritual Game,” a mix CD of Kuti’s music, is being released in the states (it was previously only … Read the rest