Required Viewing – The O’Jays Crush It

Daryl Hall has reworked his show Live from Daryl’s House and it’s still one of the best music shows going. Originally set in a barn on his rural property, it was a jam session sleepover recorded for our entertainment. He …

What You Are To Me

Early EWF telling the truth:


There Is No Time To Lose

so Let It Whip!


The Dazz Band

You and Me and The Ohio Players


Great jam from the greatest:

Ohio-Players-Fire-TopPop-1975 28082_01_Book.qxd


Seven Days In The 90’s

I generally consider the late 90’s to be a dry-spell for the music industry. Not everything was horrible though. Check out Mary J on TV:

This was the early days of mp3 and internet-served music and the begin of the …

To Make You Change Your Mind

Great previously unreleased track from Cinci’s 24-Carat Black:


Time To Stay Alive

It ain’t no joke when a man is broke.


The O’Jays – It ain’t no jive trying to stay alive

Soul Divine



Amp Fiddler managed to launch a successful solo career after many years with the P-Funk Mob. His records take that P-Funk groove and give it a touch more soul/R&B and let Amp get his strut on. Here’s a nice …

Every Kind Of People

Oh the 70’s


Living For The Live

There’s a lot going on in this clip. It’s pretty good.

Ray Charles + Stevie Wonder, doing one of Stevie’s funk songs, with neither of their bands, for an awards show. It looks like the late 80’s with plastic keyboards …

It’s Gonna Be Alright



Miss you Roger,

No No I’m Losing You

Classic Aretha lip-syncing for a TV show:


Use Me Up

Great version by Ike & Tina.


Hot Damn

Who’s the queen diva? Who’s the top dog on stage amongst all female performers working in the last 30 years? This might be her. So reserved, so private, she’s teased us for decades with music and vibe that hits right …

FUNK @ 24/192: Oh My!

But of course, why did I ever doubt it?

I worry. More than my cool attitude allows.

I worry about incompetence and greed getting in the way of a good time.

I worried that the high resolution thing would pass …

Because You’re Mine

Classic performance from Screamin’ Jay from TV in the early 90’s:




Sleepless Nights In Lagos


Hidden Masterpiece

My Life from The Ohio Players. Great jam, great lyrics, outstanding drums, just genius all around!



Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.30.18 AM

Stay In My Corner With The Dells

Great classic performance from The Dells, one of the longest-running music powerhouses we had.…

You Won’t Be Complainin’… As Much

Tell me when you need it again…



Be Yourself with Cameo

Hard funk from Cameo, checking out the new thing called a music video. I have a concept – stand in a white room and pretend you are playing a gig. Wear your best 80’s gear, this is going to be …

Too Late Baby


Great song by Marvin:



The Last From The Greatest

Read up on Curtis. It will do you some good today.

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield